I Hate You But I Love You

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(ray's pov.):wtf yn ass at she better be here i tld her last night not to get up if she woke up before me.yn thinks i hate her but i love her i just hate that i beat her i just dnt like when she lies and disobeys me.

ray:Yn(screams)Where you at

yn:Downstairs(you scream up the stairs)

ray walks down stairs while you in the kitchen

ray:why tf you out of bed

yn:i came down to make you(gco by ray slapping you)

yn:(crying)i hate you ray

ray:wtf you said you ugly ass bitch


ray:(starts slapping and punchin and kicking you)

yn:(fight back and hit ray in the mouth)

ray:(whipes blood off his mouth)hoe you wanna fight back now.

yn:no i-(gco by ray slapping you sooo hard you fall to the floor with full force)

ray:now fight back again and you need to go get ready we going to the mall with kelly and justin and boy kelly can get the "D" even if she is your bestfriend boy with that ass on her ill do her in good.

(yn pov):this nigga gotta be kidding me first he scream then he hit and now talkin nasty bout my one of my closest friends ohw hell naw watch at the mall this nigga gone be all sweet fuck dhat nigga his stank ass why do i love him tho'

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