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Hello! This is the intro (as I'm sure you can see from the title). This will contain any info that should be important at the moment. So, intro start!

Bold letters mean I'm talking to you. This is not part of the story. Bold messages may contain info, clearing something up, or maybe something I couldn't help but say. XD. I will probably use some japenese from anime in this, so I might put the translation in bold.

Italics = Your Thoughts

F/N = First Name

L/N = Last Name

E/C = Eye Color

H/C = Hair Color

H/L = Hair Length

Fav/C = Favorite Color

C = Random Color

POV = Point Of View

In this story you are a 12 year old wizard. You lost your parents when you were 3, due to a demon attack. I will get more into this in the first chapter. You ran away from your village at age 5. From then on you kept yourself alive, and got better at this with time. You live in Magnolia, and stay alive by stealing things. You have a particularly cold attitude due to what you've been through as a kid. Ok, more like a "I don't care" attitude. You are mostly blunt when talking and can be rude with this. You say what your thinking, because you forget it pretty soon. You meet Fairytail wizards in the first chapter. I will try to keep this for both genders. Hope you enjoy!!!!

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