Vampire Kings?

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  It had been three days since Derek bit Brian. He had Brian and Cindy brought to the pack house after meeting with his parents. Derek allowed me to see Brian only once after  he bit him for fear he would attack me. He was finishing going through the changes and Derek wasn't sure if he would inherit any of his Grandfathers powers either. I was getting nervous as the days passed by. From Derek's research the change usually only took about forty eight hours to complete but Brian was taking  a little longer.

I had been busying myself with planning the training for the Nation games. I had already went over several of the States entries and decided which ones would need extra attention  based off limited number of entries. Melly and Brad were working on printing up manuals to be sent to the State Alphas to distribute among the other Alphas about training dates. We had less then a year before the Nation Games and about nine months before entries had to be submitted. So we were looking at holding State competitions over the next few months with our State first in three weeks. We were pulling all our resources and have even combined a few smaller states into one for the training purposes.

"Derek would like to see you in Brian's room," Melly busted through the door and I immediately pushed the papers aside and ran down to the infirmary

Brian was sitting up on the bed as the doctor was checking his vital signs. He looked pretty good and I hoped to hear good news.

"Vitals sound normal. I think he has completed his  change rather well," The doctor said. I smiled thankful that he was going to be a part of our pack and if Mrs. Morgan was correct he would be an important part.

"Welcome to the pack," I said reaching over and hugging him. A slight growl came from Derek but when I turned towards him he was smiling.

"Thank you. I had my first successful change today," his face was beaming and his smile was so big.

"I thought he changed yesterday already?" I asked Derek.

"He did. That was a forced change today he did it on his own." Derek stood up and stretched his hands in the air. I hadn't realized the toll it has taken on him. He spent most of the day here with Brian. I made a mental note to run him a nice relaxing bath after dinner later.

"Was anyone else here with you guys?" I was thinking of Cindy who has been staying here at the pack house every since they arrived. My mother was here as well lending her support.

"No. That would have been too dangerous," Derek said.

"Shift," I told Brian.

"Isabella, what are you doing?" Derek asked.

"I am having him shift. He shifted in front of only you and since you are essentially his maker or biter and he now has a sort of bond he wouldn't have dared hurt you," I said

"Shift," I once again said to Brian.

Isabella, I am not going to risk your life. He will continue to shift in front of me until I know he won't hurt anyone," Derek warned.

It was too late. Brian was shaking and the sound of bones cracking sent shivers down my spine. I remember my first shift and it was painful but it had to be done.  A slight howl escaped his mouth as he landed on all fours on the ground. His fur was a pale almost silvery color and very beautiful.

Derek jumped in front of me as he coaxed Brian into completing his transition. Brian stretched his paws out as the remainder of his body shifted. When he was done he slowly moved towards me never once taking his eyes off Derek.

I jumped back slightly not sure if he was advancing on me as a prey or  just being friendly. It was hard to tell at this point with no mind link to him. I was still grasping how to use the total pack link that connected me to other pack Alphas let alone a wolf with no pack link yet.

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