Chapter 2: Blundering Fools

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Andrea sighed as she stared around her messy cabin. Maps, clothes and old picture frames  still littered from the previous occupant.

She had planned for days to clean it but with all the celebrating from their victories but time hadn't been spared for her. Slender fingers touched the sleek wood of her desk, tracing the intricate trim across the border.

Pride swelled inside her chest. This ship was precious to her, a stolen good from the elite British Navy at the cost of a few good men. 

Andrea turned, catching her reflection in the golden framed mirror that had been seized from a merchant ship that was on it's way to the Colonies.

A frilly shirt exposed her slender, sun-kissed shoulders, a black corset hugging her waist, accentuating her wide hips that was covered by a pair of black breaches. However once her eyes landed on the reflection of her kohl lined grey orbs, showing the internal battle she fought inside herself every time she took a life with her hands. Her fingers slowly made their way towards the blade that rested on her hip, diamonds encrusting the hilt. Unsheathing the blade, the wicked knife glinted in sunlight, adding a sinister glow to it.

Suddenly a hard knock was heard on the wooden door of her cabin, "Come in," she spoke while  adjusting her pirate's hat over her dark hair, a single white feather gracing the rim.

"Sorry Captain," a slender youth said, twisting his red handkerchief in his hands. A smile threatened to break through her features as she saw his nervousness. Sparrow is name, dubbed by the crew, fitting the lad's physical traits. His voice, untouched by the growth of manhood, was high and enchanting like that of a siren with a gift of calming the coldest heart.

"Tis alright boy, what do you want?" she gruffly said facing the lad. His wet blonde hair covering his elf like features but leaving his green eyes untouched.

"It's seems we caught something in a net, Lady and One-Eye were fishin'. Me thinks we caught a bloody mermaid," Sparrow mumbled, rubbing the heel of his black boot onto the oriental carpet beneath their feet.

"A mermaid? You've split your bloody tongue! Mermaids don't exist!" Andrea laughed with a roll of her eyes.

The tips of Sparrow's ears turned red, "Me thinks you should go outside and check it for yeself," he spoke quietly but much louder than his previous statement.

"Just for you boy," Andrea said stepping out of her cabin, followed by Sparrow. Normally she saw her crew running about, fixing the lines or cleaning the floorboards. Instead the crew of Neptune's Cannon stood in a circle, some kneeling on the floor as if they were holding something to the ground, the sounds of loud thuds reaching her ears.

"What the bloody hell is going on you shirking dolts?!" Andrea growled at her crew. The heels of her boots sounding against the floorboards as she walked towards them. They stood there and she had to push them away to see what the commotion was about. It wasn't until her eyes landed on what the crew was holding down that her heart stopped beating.

Struggling against the hands of her crew, tugging at the rope that squeezed his neck.

Bleeding dark blood and nearly dying was a man who from waist up was a man and from waist down was a fish.

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