Chapter 24

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"You drive me insane" He whispered softly against my lips. "I can't stop thinking about you ever since the first day I laid eyes on you all those years ago". With his hands holding my cheeks I could do nothing but look into his eyes. "What's holding you back sweets?".

"Holding me back?" I questioned not sure I understood where he was going with this.

"From being my old lady? Letting me claim you. God I love touching you" He groaned his hands falling from my cheeks and running down my arms.

"Claim me? That's taking it a little too far don't you think?" I wasn't an animal!

"Not in my lifestyle darlin' we claim what's ours and protect what's ours. Your dad claimed your mom when she was sixteen and look at them now."

"They weren't together for years" I snorted "I don't think this lifestyle is for me Blaze".

"You've been living it for the past few months and the time before you moved back home. This is where you belong Ava, it's in your blood it always will be".

"I don't know what I want Blaze and I haven't for a while now but I don't want to talk about it anymore because I don't want to argue with you and we both know that's what will happen. So let's just enjoy this and talk about something else".

"I hate that you're not mine" He sighed falling back against the grass.

"Everyone thinks I am" I whispered chewing on the inside of my lip once I caught the look he was giving me. "Both Lexi and Chantelle already think I'm your old lady especially more so now because you packed my case" I shrugged playing with the strands of grass under my finger tips.

"It's not the girls I need to convince they're not the one with dicks" Slipping his hand over mine he tugged on it "I'm not gonna push it any further babe but there will be a time I'll give up chasing you. No matter how much it pains me I am a man after all".

"And of course it all comes down to sex" I snapped pulling my hand from his and getting to my feet.

"That's not what I meant" Pulling on my hand he pulled me so my back was against his chest. "I'm getting older sweets and there will come a time where I want to settle down and have kids".

"I'm only 24" I whispered "I've just started my career and your talking about kids god Blaze I don't even know what I want for tea tonight. You can't drop a bomb on me like that and expect me to be okay with it" Breathing deeply I stalked away from him, I felt as though I couldn't breath like someone had pulled the air from my lungs.

"I'm a man that knows what he wants and that's you. It always has been and it always will be I'm just telling you how it is".

"Can you please take me back?" I asked feeling light headed all of a sudden.

"You look pale darlin', sit down" Taking my hand he sat down first and then pulled me into his lap "I'm sorry sweets I know what I said is a lot to take in but I had to get it out".

"I'm sorry I freaked out its just I'm not used to how things work. As you know already I've never done the boyfriend thing and you're over here talking about getting married and having kids. It's a lot to think about and I need some time to my self so I can figure out what I want".

"Let's just leave it at that, we'll head back because if we don't Lexi will have my balls. I swear she's just like one of the guys".

Giggling I pushed myself of him and got to my feet. "Is she gay?" I questioned as we walked towards his bike.

"She's a greedy bitch she likes both" Handing me my helmet I got on behind him wrapping my arms around his waist. "I like her and Chantelle I wish the girls back home were like those two" I yelled so he could hear me over the engine.

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