Prologue: The Mystery Death of Howard Weinstein

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The world in the year 1975, was a little more strange and odd in the scientific world of things. Scientist were always created new hypothesis and queries on the world around us, and are we the only planets in the universe. We became so interested in our surrounding world. That we locked the barriers of discovering things on our planet. And, as usual this gave us the biggest disadvantage the world never knew about. If you open the newspaper, you would hear the new things they found, and the new steps they are willing to take next. If you turn on the television you would see the world before you knew it. The time period when we thought and discovered aliens. We believed one day they were going to come down on earth and take over. The Twilight Zone came in effect causing people to think the unthinkable ironic situations, and majority of them had thought aliens were real. And how they will take over. Or pretend to be humans and kill people one by one, until there is none left. The world 1975 was a new creation for some people especially Howard Weinstein.

   Howard Weinstein was the biggest scientist in the nation, and the most famous. He allowed the first human to go to space, he introduced Aliens to our world, and allowed us to view our world like never before. He was the start to new beginnings in 1975. And the world would never forget. But, one day, he disappeared. The biggest genius in the world just disappeared.

   Howard was focusing on a new secret invention in his own secret lab that was going to allow the world to benefit from. And on August 19th, 1999 he unleashed it to the world. Nobody knows what this machine was. Nobody knew what it was used for. But on December 31st, 1999 Howard decided to kill himself.

  It was read and on the news all over the world that our greatest nations scientist had died. And, since that day till April 18th, 2013 we have been working on the greatest death of our nations life. Trying to fix and change the pieces to match the hidden truth to the mysteries of the death of Howard Weinstein.

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