chapter 6: Not a very great day..

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Thats Killian --->

Killian P.O.V

I see Michael smiling a bit to his mate since he is siting beside me as his mate drives smiling, I feel kinda alone an jealous... I sigh while I turn to look at the twins kissing?!

"hey! Don't do that here! You guys are twins!" I say confused as ever, oh did I tell you that we are now in a car? Not naked anymore we got clothing.

"Killian their mates." Michael pats my shoulder softly as I look at him, we both smiled wide like idiots. "Well, okay then." I chuckled as he nods softly.

"Thank you for everything.." I say staring into Michael's eyes as he stares back something is happening I can't look away!!!! God help me as we were staring at each other, we hear a loud growl. I blink as we looked up at his mate.

"Don't look at my mate like that!!" He says harshly as his eyes turn black colored. Scary. I huffed annoyed though as Michael nudge my side as I let out a small whimper an look over madly, while Michael frowns crossing his arms with watery eyes acting childishly.

"Stop acting like that Michael, I don't like it.." I mumble as he grips on my bottom shirt, some guy gave it to me.

After a while
We all talked for a while an I see Candy..Candy?

"Candy!" I almost yell as I see her walking down the street.

"She is a shifter." The twins say. Wait what? The alpha smirks.

"Oh really?" He says with a dark voice as I growl at him. He looks at me with a death stare as I try to not whimper.

Still growling, He growls back.

"Submit to me now!" He roars using his alpha voice. I scoff an growl still.

"Or your lady mate gets it!" He threatens.

"Don't ever bring my mate into this!!" Someone says an its coming out of my mouth! Who is this!

"don't worry I'm your wolf. I just came now." He says in my mind. Oh.

"Oh hello Killian's wolf." He says deadly. I stay silent trying to get control back.

"Submit to me now!" He growls as I whimper submitting already, It looks like he is enjoying my submitting thingy.

" shall be punished later.." He says an turns back to see candy walking.

"I'm not letting you punish Killian!" Michael says growling as the alpha growls back.

"You don't say anything to me! Or I'll punish you as well, not the good one but the bad one!" He turns galring at him as he looks away madly.

"Your the worst!!" He yells looking out the window. "Silence!" He doomed madly as Michael wince afraid an its not good he began shaking.

He drives near candy. She looks over an hisses like a cat, as she saw the alpha.

"Get in cat your mate is in here as well." The alpha says calmly as she gets in seeing me. Her eyes widen.

"Your a shifter?" I ask feeling a bit mad. She frowns an nods.


"When were you gonna tell me that even if I wasn't a shifter? Hm!" I growl as she huffs madly.

"I was afraid of your rejection.." She says with watery eyes. I sigh softly an hug her.

We drove around town for hours. Looking for shifters. We found some werewolves an other animals..


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