Wake-up Call

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(Mackenzie above)

"Mackenzie Amari Christensen if I have to come up those stairs and get you, we are going to have a problem." I heard my mother yell for what felt like the 100th time. Today I was starting my first day at Primrose High and I was not feeling it at all. My parents and I had just moved from San Francisco to shithole Oregon, I mean I haven't really explored much but I know no one here so it is a shithole.

"I'm up!" I yelled knowing that I could have whispered and she would of still heard me.

Walking into my bathroom, I turn on my music and hop in the shower doing the usual washing routine while 'Bitch Don't Kill my Vibe' plays in the background. Once I'm out a throw on a black crop top with a pair of jeans and a flannel jacket thing around my stomach so it was still school appropriate and pick out a pair on black vans. I put on some eyeliner and mascara that will help bring out my brown eyes. I quickly throw my hair into a bun and head downstairs.

"Hey mama" I say coming up behind her and giving her a hug.

"Hey baby, I made breakfast. Go eat you have about 10 minutes till you have to leave" she says pushing me toward the table. You see my mother Abigail Christensen is my role model she is flawless. She had long blonde hair that reached her butt, but she usually kept it in a high bun. She stood at 5'11 with gorgeous blue eyes that had me wanting to confess everything to her and had shown nothing but love. I was the complete opposite I barely stood at 5'2 and I am the shortest person I know, and most definitely the shortest in my family. My hair is a dark brown and super curly that was always the struggle because sometimes I get to lazy and don't want to do it. Where my mother had to calm about her, I was a bit of a bit out there but I took after my dad in personality.

"Hey little girl what are you thinking about?" I heard the deep voice of my father pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing faja, just how much I love you and I'm not a little girl." I said putting pancake into my mouth, and hugging him when he came over to me. "You'll always be my little girl" he grinned.

My father Michael Christensen was a very handsome man, that made me want to slap a few of my friends whenever they would mention it. My father was a tall man at 6'3 he had dark green eyes and his hair was cut short. He was silly most of the time but when it was time to get down to business he could switch to serious in a heartbeat. He and my mother were so in love and they had no problem showing it, I wanted that for myself one day but I doubt it.

"Okay ewww, can you guys not make out in front of me. I'm leaving," I said quickly getting up before I was scarred for life.

"Wait. Are you sure, you don't want us to go with you? It's your first day." My mother stopped kissing my dad and asked.

"Nope. I got it mom. I'll be fine." I told her.

"Kenz, what are you wearing?" My dad asked.

"Uhhh, clothes" I knew I should of put the sweater on while I was in the house. My dad was super overprotective of me he would always say it was because I was his only daughter and because he loved me, but sometimes he needed to find his chill.

"I think it's cute." My mother said before taking out her phone "Smile I want a picture of your first day at a new school."

"Seriously mom I'm going -" I stopped mid sentence cause she was giving me that look that said I better do it or else.

"Babe get in there with Kenzie." My mom told my dad and he quickly complied not wanting to feel the wrath that she could compose.

After what felt like a billion picture I was finally able to leave but not before my dad told me that if anyone touched me without my permission to and I quote "lay their ass out" since I wasn't going to change my outfit, told you I get my crazy from him. As I was leaving, my mother quickly told me not to get into any fight. See at my last school I had been in more than a few fight but it wasn't my fault people always tried me and because I am short they thought I wouldn't lay their asses out as my father would say, but they all learned real quick that I wasn't the one to mess with. Growing an African American human girl to a family of white werewolves was not easy, so I had to learn to protect myself.

It wasn't until I started school that I realized I was different then the rest of my family. All the other were-kids would make fun of me, say I wasn't even a real wolf, taunt, and beat me up. The human kids would also pick on me because I was the only black kid in my class. One day my older brother Jackson beat up the boy who had threw chocolate milk on me and called me a "dirty n*gger". After that my father and brothers trained me to protect myself, my mother wasn't okay with it at first, until my brother made me tell her what was happening. It had sent my mother into a flying rage so much so my father had to use is Alpha command to keep her calm. Especially after I told her that I would tell, the teachers and they would do nothing or even laugh in my face and tell me to "toughen up". Anyway, whenever someone wanted to step to me, I was willing to step back. However, I had promised my mom that I would try and not get into any fights, key word being 'try'.

Getting into my Range Rover that I got for my birthday present last year, I put into the directions to the school and headed on my way. I was not ready for this.


SO I decided to write a new story! And it about werewolves! I love reading stories about werewolves so I decided to try it, especially since this has been sitting in my head for a while.  Vote it up! <3


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