Chapter 2 -The Great Escape

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Flying down the road at the speed of light. Making every speed camera go off with headlights and horns flashing in his face, ignoring them all as he bended around the wind. The pain pumping through his body, it was not the first time things hadn't gone to plan, a bullet proof vest isn't always going to work. Although pain was pounding into his shoulder, in his mind he was planning his route out. It wasn't ever going to be as easy as getting in, for that he had just simply paid off the food truck for the palace and hopped In the back with his bike and dog. It was easy and effective, the amount paid was sure to keep the driver quiet and even if it didn't, he knew nothing about him which he could use against him.

Breaking his thoughts was the now natural sound of sirens, and a lot of them, he focussed ahead, now heading down the freeway he saw ahead around 20 cop cars with a road blockage to stop a herd of elephants. Unfortunately he had not planned for them to be so quick, jeeze this really must be important, maybe I should've done some research onto this one he thought. Seeing the approaching blockage coming up, a quick decision was made, it was produced just before the turning that the thief planned to take. He turned his bike leaving a cloud of smoke and black skid marks in a sharp ring on the road. The bike stood with a slight rumble as the thief had one leg placed on the road keeping the bike stood up.

Another loud noise began, the wailing of a siren, this time not a police siren but a megaphones siren. In order to catch the thief's attention the police held down to button until they saw his helmet, and therefore head, turn in their direction. A crackle sounded and then a strong, commanding voice boomed across the deserted freeway. "Turn yourself in now thief, and the consequences will not be as severe! We know who you are– Horrendous."

Well shit. They know my name, well my only known name. Horrendous didn't move an inch as the thought ran through his head, his heart pounded as his eyes circulated the empty road for a way out. As different plans flew around his mind he saw only one thing he could do. In the background, with his bike still rumbling underneath him, another imperative was shouted over the microphone. "Get off the bike and lie on the ground with your hands and feet spread apart" These orders didn't particularly appeal to Horrendous. He knew he had the element of surprise as they couldn't tell where he was looking. His tinted helmet was worth the amount paid for the custom job, although not visible his eyes beamed with the excitement of a true challenge. So he began the plan.

Lifting up a finger and simply scratching his canine friend under the ear, making him jump down off the bike and giving one last head tilt towards his owner before he began to run, heading over the barrier into a random field. Whilst the dog ran off, to distract the police's attention Horrendous stood up placing down his bike whilst pulling out the keys. He placed them within his pocket whilst walking towards the officers. He took off his helmet and flicked his hair before dropping the helmet to the floor and raising his arms. He couldn't do everything they said. He smirked whilst 5 + officers surrounded him with lasers pointing to his chest and head whilst two held him and hand cuffed him and pushed him to the floor. They ground his face into the tarmac he felt it grind on his cheek bone, still smiling he kept his eyes open and didn't wince. He felt the graze forming as well as bruises as they patted him down, taking away any weapons, this included his pocket knife, a small whistle, and his keys. They looked for more but found none, placing the knife and whistle into separate plastic bags they wondered how he had pulled off such a cunning plan with such simple equipment.

Roughly picking him up and pushing him forward, clearly trying to make him stumble although his balance was perfect and he simply walked forward adding in a stride. As the male officers dragged him back towards the cars he heard them become weary of why he was smiling. Gun still pointed in his direction he saw an averagely pretty female officer and headed a cheeky wink her way before his head was forced down and his body shoved into the back seat. He had enough time to look out the window to see her blushing face and her turning around back to her car with her hands on her face. His smile increased at the thought, he knew that most females found him attractive, he was familiar with it, some, most, would say cocky with it and therefore he used it to make others feel uncomfortable.

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