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Have you ever been in love? I thought I was once but it turned out to be a load of shit. I'm convinced love isn't real. I used to be dumb like those people who still believe in love or God or miracles. I feel bad for all the people out there that still don't know the truth. They still have hope for humanity and the world. Life is a waste of time. When my parents kicked me out  for being gay they said I'd go to hell. That's funny that they still believe in hell. Now I'm a foster child. Nobody wants me around. I tried to kill myself but it hasn't worked yet. 16 years and nearly 20 tries now I spend a lot of time with a therapist. She's a bitch. Life isn't worth it. She too is convinced that my being gay is just a phase. It is just a phase. Everything we do is just a phase. Life is just a phase. We all go through this but why? For what person do we walk this planet just to kill off animals. Destroy the earth. If there is a God out there why would he make such awful creatures populate so much of the dry land on this planet. He isn't out there. There's nothing left to hope for now. Even if a God exists he's giving up on us. Humans are useless beings. They should just all be eradicated. Thinking like this is probably why nobody wants me. Nobody wants a crazy psychopath living in there house. They really don't want one with a criminal record. I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life. My name is Michael O'Hare and I want to destroy everyone.

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