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Danielle's POV

It felt weird to be sitting in the car with a man whom was a stranger to me showing him were I basically live. This guys seems to know Amber so I just it is okay but you never know these days.

"So where are we headed?" he asked.

"The Plaza Hotel," I replied.

There was no music playing because I guess he thought we would have a conversation but I am not in the mood. I need to know if Riley was okay.

"So what are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" he asked.

"I could ask you the same question, dude," I said.

He laughed, "Name's not dude."

"Then what is it? I mean you know my name but I don't know yours," I said.

"Sergio Ramos," he said. "I am one of Cristiano's teammate"

"Okay, so why are you out here?" I asked him.

"I'll answer only if you answer," he said.

"Fine, I just found out that my husband is a lying manipulative snake and I want to leave him. So much has gone on and I need to figure out what to do next, so I went for. Run to clear my head," I told him. "Your turn."

"Well, my wife and I was arguing and it was getting bad. I noticed my kids in the room and decided to leave. I don't want memories of their childhood to consist of me and their mother fighting all the time. Which as of late has been something we yave been does daily. I think we are headed for a divorce. I hate it but I am not happy anymore. Despite what she thinks she isnt happy, I can tell because when she looks at me its never how it use to be. We don't love each other anymore. So, I guess divorce is the next step," he sighed.

"Aww, I am sorry to hear that," I said.

I meant it falling out of love with someone sucks especially when there are kids involved. It's so sad when things like that happen but at least they didn't lose a parent. Losing my father was the worst thing at could have every happened to me. Well, not the worst but it makes #2 of the worst things that could ever happen to me.

He pulled into the parking lot of the Plaza and walked me into the hotel. This guy was so sexy. The feeling he gave me when he looked into my eyes was indescribable. Standing in the elevator was torture for me. He was so close yet so far way. As much as my body wanted him, I couldn't have him. Soon and the elevator doors open, I breathed out a sigh of relief. One because I was glad to be out of the elevator with him. Two because I needed to check on my baby.

We arrived to the hotel room, "Thank you for getting me here," I told him walking toward the door. I noticed that he followed me. "What are you doing?"

"I wanted to stay and make sure things are okay in case you need to go to the hospital," he said.

I nodded and let him in. Once I opened the door, I saw Aunt Anna holding Riley and Daniel was sitting on the bed watching them closely.

"Hey, guys," I said.

"Mommy!" Daniel yelled in relief. He ran over and hugged me. "Mommy, I was so scared"

"I know sweet heart but everything is going to be alright," I said. "Rils, how are you doing?"

"Otay mommy, I fill icky," she said.

"Alright sweetheart, we are going to go to the doctors to make sure you are okay," I said picking her up.

"How are you going to get there?" Aunt Anna asked.

"I don't know, I will call an uber," I said.

"Hey, you forgot that I am here or something?" Sergio laughed. "I will take you!"

"Who is this, Dani?" Aunt Anna whispered to me.

"Oh, sorry. This is Sergio Ramos. Sergio this is my Aunt Anna, my son Daniel, and daughter Riley," I said.

They all greeted each other. "Okay can we leave now?"

Sergio nodded, "Okay lets go"

"I will stay here with Daniel, he doesn't need to be sitting in the hospital so late," Aunt Anna said.

"Okay," I handed Riley to Sergio since he offered to take her. I walked over to Daniel and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Bye baby, I will see you later!"

"Okay, be safe Danielle" Aunt Anna said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I followed Sergio out to the car. The entire walk my mind was clouded with thoughts of Ethan and Sergio. I was having an internal battle with myself because I was falling out of love with Ethan and I wasn't ready to. But I was ready to fall in love with Sergio but I couldn't let my self go there yet.

Right now I need to make sure Riley is okay and the I will figure out the rest some other time.


Amber's POV

I was laying in bad staring at Cristiano sleep. Creep? Yeah, I know but he is my fucking husband so deal with it. I love watching him sleep though, he like to peaceful. I love it because just for a few hours he as some rest, he does have the pressure of being a great father, husband, and athlete on his shoulders. For a few hours he is just him.

"You got to stop staring at me sleep," he said. It scared the shit out of me because I thought he was sleep.

"I thought you were sleep," I explained trying to clam my heart rate down. "Why are you up?"

"Besides the fact that I could feel you staring at me, I have major jet leg. Plus, I slept a little on the plane so yeah. I am good. Why are you up?" he asked.

"I took a extremely long nap earlier, so I am not tired either," I told him.

We laid there wrapped up in each other just listening to each other breath. It was peaceful, calm, and comfortable.

"I never told you but I love you so much more than I let on. I guess I was scared to completely give myself to you but I need you to know that I am not going anywhere. Honestly I have never loved anyone as much as you. I thought that Ethan was the only man I would love but then you come into my life and basically fuck shit up. All I see is you, all I want is you. No one else will do for me. Sometimes, I fill like even though I was so wrapped up in Ethan a small part of me was waiting for something, and the something was you. Deep down I needed more than Ethan, he doesn't give me what you give me. You give me love, acceptance, and most importantly a peace of mind. We have been through so much together but I regret none of it because the constant struggle opened my eyes to how much I love you. I fight to keep you because you are worth fighting for," I told him.

He, now, had his eyes open and was staring at me with so much love that it made me tear up. I knew that he would love me endlessly. He wiped the corner of my eyes and pulled me into a kiss. He didn't have to tell me how much I meant to him because he let his body to the talking. He expressed his love from me in the best way possible and I wouldn't want it any other way.


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