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You were in your quarters when your alarm went off. *BEEP* *BEEP* BEEP*"Ogh." you muttered as you were trying to turn it off. You got out bed & started getting ready for the day. You put on your red engineering dress on etc. You brushed your H/C hair & put it in a H/L pony. Then you wen t out the door, walking down the hallways, down to engineering, to begin your shift. 

You got in the turbo lift & said, "Engineering." As it goes down you start humming a tune you don't recognize. How it got in your head, you had no idea. The doors opened as you stepped into engineering, & started walking around looking for your boyfriend, Scotty, to see where you were working on today in engineering. After walking for a short amount of time you finally found him working on some paper work on his PADD near the warp core console.

"Hi Scotty!" you say to him as you lightly kiss his cheek. "Oh! Hello there lassie." he says, a bit startled from your instant appearance & the kiss. "So, what will I be working on today?" you ask him with a smile on your face. "Well, wot you can do lassie is work on that control panel over there," he said as he pointed to the left corner where a red shirt was, what looked like was trying to fix some buttons on there, but was failing. "See if ye can fix wotever he messed up. I don't even know how he got the job." he fished telling you as he goes back to working on his PADD. 

You gathered up your tools & head on over to the control panel. As you walked over there the red shirt saw you & gave up to give it to you. Once you got all your tools out & picked one, you started working on control panel to find out the problem. After a few sparkles & other minor things you were done. It took almost all day for you to do it, but you got it done. As you were getting your tools back in place, Scotty walked over to you. "Wow Y/N. I knew ye were the one I could count on."

 He says to you with a smile. "Thanks Scotty." you say to him. "Do ye think ye can join me for dinner later on today?" he asks you. "I'd love to Scotty. & maybe a little something more.." you tell him with a sly grin on your face. His face turns as red as his shirt as your leaving to go put your tools away.

"A-aye lassie, I'll s-see you-u later on then." he tells you, stuttering a bit. You hurry back to him to give him a passionate kiss on the lips. "See you there, till then Scotty." you tell him when your done.

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