he'll never let me go. ch.15

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it's been a whole entire 5 days, 3 more days and the pups will be here. I haven't been allowed out of my bed unless its to go the toilet or get changed. Well time for a change of plan. Sam was lying next to me on the bed stroking my bump. Which is a pain now because I can burly see my toes. I've had enough of being pregnant I want to be back to normal with my babies next to me. I looked over at Sam, I looked at my nightstand, there was a pencil, a cup, and a newspaper next to me. I grabbed the pencil and threw it in the bathroom, it must have hit the sink because I heard something smash. Sam jumped up and ran to the bathroom door he walked in and looked around cautiously he stood there sniffing the air. I jumped off the bed and creaped over to the door. He turned around and looked at me frowning.

"Bye Sam!" I waved at him and looked the door on his shocked face. I could hear him trowing himself at the door screaming at me he was going to get me back for it. I walked over to Jenna's room and knocked on the door. It was Taylor who answered the door I didn't say anything because you could here Sam from here. Taylor smiled and nodded at me he headed towards my room I walked in to a laughing Jenna.

"Your not giving him it easy are you?" She laughing at me and holding onto a sleeping Chloe she was the first to have here baby, 5 days early I was the only one to still be pregnant. Charlotte had a baby girl called Flora she has dark grey eyes and sandy blondhair and being werewolve's they grow twice as quickly, Chloe has Taylor's baby blue eyes but her mothers chocolatelike locks. Becci had a two little girls identical twins both had green eyes and black hair like there mother and father. They all were happy at ease were as I was locked in my bedroom.

"He isn't going to get anything if he doesn't stop locking me in that bedroom when he's out I swear I will kill him." I looked at her as she smiled down at her baby girl to my surprise she was sitting up without Jenna holding her. I gave Jenna a shocked look and pointed at Chloe like an imbecile.

"Yer, I know it was a shock to me as well your mum said it was natural even you did it." She looked at me knowingly. I nodded and got up from the bed.

"I'm going to go for a walk, I want to be on my own for a bit. I might go visit his grave for a while tell Sam not to look for me I don't want anyone near me today." She looked at me and nodded I slipped out before she could see the tears. I smiled at Marie when I walked past her.

"Rosy, your mother said to give you this it was dropped at her doorstep this morning, is there anything else you need." I smiled at her and nodded. "Tell T.T to put the gates on lock down no one leaves the gates but me. Only when i'm at the HQ tell her to open back up only she knows were it is tell her to keep it saved were no one can get it. Oh and make sure you tell her to turn off my tracking devise I don't want anyone disturbing me." She nodded and I smiled at her as she hurried away to do as I said. Why can't Sam be like my Lil sis to be? I thought to myself as I walked out the gates which then turned on lock down as I walked out I smiled and waved at the C.C.T.V camera on the gate. I walked off to were I needed to go.


At the place (I.E monsters grave)


I sat down in front of the grave. I placed a little dog teddy on his stand next to the picture of him.

"I know you probably don't want to hear this monster. But you were the best little brother I ever had, I miss you, God how I miss you can't even be said. I wish it was me who died that night I had a chance to get you untied from that tree with me but I just left, like I had been told. If only I broke that rule I could have saved you. I got sent a letter by someone do you wanna hear it Dermit you use to love reading my mail." I laughed with tears rolling down my face. I opened the letter and started reading it read:

Dear Rosalinda.

                              My how you've grown, Do you remember me I bet you do. You see i'm your new Alpha, my names Danny I remember seeing you when you were a pup. Your dad promised me you when you were 4 just before your brother turned down being Alpha that was part of the deal. You become Alpha female and you and your little brother join my pack to make peace with the others. But I guess it never happened that way i'm now a rogue and I helped kill your brother but it wasn't meant to be like that either. You see we needed both you and your brother to accept the deal but your brother refused and with that refusal he gave us his death wish so we had to kill him. But you got away from us we don't want to kill you we just want you to join our pack for a month till everything is sorted out between the other packs and the prophecy needs to be looked into. I will come and get you on the 18th at your brothers grave at noon sharpish see you soon


The 18th thats today its noon now oh god what have I got myself into. I heard a twig snap and looked up quickly. In front of me was him. Danny. He killed my brother. Looking at Danny he had brown hair and a blue and a red eye. I looked at his eye confussed.

"I was born with it. Hello again Rosalinda I was hopeing we would meet again soon. You've met my son Ross haven't you?" He looked over to the trees I couldn't believe what I was seeing.



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