Chapter 29~ Alexis

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A few months ago...

I can feel my body being dragged against the cold, rough ground. Everything I see is blurry, and then suddenly, it's all black.

I wake up in a basement. Cliche, right? I'm chained to a rock hard bed with no sheets or blankets, only a mattress.

"Help! Help me please! Some-"

"No one can hear you," someone says. The basement is so dark that I can't even tell if it's a man or a woman. I'm in so much pain that I can't even focus on if it sounds like a girl or a boy. There's a stab on the side of my stomach, my whole body burns, and it feels like I got whipped on my back.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" I ask, starting to sob.

"Oh, you know exactly why this is happening to you, Alexis," the person replies.


"Oh my god, oh my god, you're alive, you're alive!" Dani screams, and hugs me. I wonder what she thinks of what I look like? I'm wearing a cheap, maxi dress that looks like it is fit for a pregnant women, which I was, but of course it doesn't fit  now. My hair looks as big as Dora's, and it's not even dirty blonde now, it's brown because the hair dye wore off. My face is super oily and I know there are zits everywhere. God, I'm surprised she even recognized me.

"Ow," I mumble, so she lets go of me.

"Dad, call the police, Alexis is here!" She screams.

"What happened? You have to tell me everything!" She asks, as if I went on some hot date, and trust me, it was nothing like that at all.

A couple months ago...

For a couple weeks, I stay in the exact same place. I pee there, I crap there, I sleep there, and I get fed there. I swear, if I eat mac n' cheese one more day I'm going to throw up.

One day however, I'm unlocked from the chains. Then, one person holds an arm, while someone else holds the other. 

"Where are you taking me?" I ask in a soft voice.

"Oh honey, we're going to have so much fun," one of them says, I'm so sleep deprived that I can barely walk, so they keep tugging on my arms.

They take me outside, and I finally can breathe in some fresh air. Then, they shove me into a taxi and we are on our way to who knows where.


"Wait so how many people were kidnapping you?" Dani asks.

"I think like three or four. I never saw their face," I answer.

"Wow," Kyle mumbles.

"Suprise!" Someone yells all of a sudden. I turn around to see who it is, and it's the person I wasn't expecting to see.


"Jimmy! What are you doing here?" Dani asks, standing up, running over to him, and giving him a hug.

"Well I came for Christmas Break!" He yells and then his excitement dies when he sees me.

"Alexis?" He says.

"Yeah, I know, I probably don't look too good," I mumble.

"I'm just happy you're okay," he mutters.

"Me too," I reply.

Everyone is silent until I finally say something.

"Where's Shay?" I question.

"Um she died, I'm sorry," Kyle mutters.

"Oh, how?" I ask.

"We really don't know still," Dani answers.

"Oh okay, well let's get back to the story," I say.

A couple months ago....

Eventually, we stop in the middle of this deserted highway.

"Get out of the car," One of them says, and pushes me out.

In front of us, is another car, one guy walks out from it with a girl who is most likely his wife. He is a bald man with thin eyebrows and lots of tattoos. He is also very chubby. His wife is a stick skinny lady with short, hot pink hair and also has lots of tattoos. They both immediately freak me out.

"How much you want for her?" The bald man asks, while his wife smirks at me.

"I will do as little as 5000," one of my kidnappers says.

"Sorry man, but I only brought 4000," he replies.

"Fine, but pay first," my kidnapper states. The bald man begins paying him, so the kidnapper lets go of my arm.

This sounds like the stupidest thing, but the kidnapper on the other side of my sneezes and a booger begins dripping down. For some reason, the person has to let go of me to wipe it, so at this chance, I run, and I run faster than I ever thought was possible.


"Oh my god, you were going to be sold?" Dani asks.

"Yeah, as soon as I realized that I began planning how I was going to escape," I answer.

"How did they not catch you?" Kyle questions.

"Well I didn't look back, but I heard a gun shot, and I'm guessing that had something to do with it," I reply.

"Wait, so how come we didn't see you after that? It sounds like this was a couple months ago," Jimmy states.

"I was outside my house when you were trying to find me, once I saw my parents, I ran, and after that somehow I got kidnapped again. I would have told you I was alive if that hadn't come in," I explain.

"So what happened after that when they got you again?" Dani questions.

"Everyday was a new punishment. One day I was held underwater for a minute. Another time I was whipped twice but something that made cuts on my back. Some other time I woke up with cuts up from ankle to my knee," I answer.

"God, that's horrible," Jimmy mumbles.

"How'd you escape?" Dani asks.

"Well all of my kidnappers were asleep, except one of them who had headed upstairs and left. So, I got a hold of the key with one of my hands that I had manage to slip out because it wasn't tight enough. Then, I unlocked the other hand and quietly went up the stairs. The door was unlocked so I went outside and came here, god, you don't understand how hard it was to get here," I state.

"Hey guys, sorry to interrupt, but the police don't believe Alexis is here, so we need to go to the police station. Oh my god, Jimmy, when'd you get here?" Dad says.

"Just a few minutes ago, anyways lets get going, she's going to need some serious medical help," Jimmy replies, and we leave.


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