Characters for EXACTLY

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Characters for EXACTLY!


15 years old. Brown hair and eyes. Popular boy in school because he plays baseball. No one really knows him though. He wants to play guitar and he's found the perfect girl to play for... it's not his girlfriend either. The girl is worth it but once he talks to her she's defensive thinking she's just a game to him. Can he prove he loves her? He also decides to play a lead role in the school play to show he isn't just a jock. Also, he calls it quits with not following his dreams.


14 year old. Tries to be invisible to avoid the populars. She takes art classes. She really wants to be a singer tho. So she lies to her forceful parents saying she stays after school to work on art projects but she really stays for singing lessons. She has brown hair and eyes.

*Could be adding more characters.*


Shortens her name to Alexa and again to Lexi. She is Scotty's popular girlfriend. She has blonde hair with blue eyes.


Recently not in popular group. Carter's best friend has been since kindergarten. Has brown hair and eyes. Loves art, music and plays. Becomes friends with Scotty to make a certain girl join a play as the lead girl.

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