Chapter 1: Tears (Rewritten)

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"Hinata, you are weak! Your sister and cousin are stronger than you! You are unworthy of being a Hyuga!"

My father's words echoed in my head like the cries of a bat in a cave. My vision was hazy as I left the Hyuga Clan Compound, my legs running as fast as they could take me to the outskirts of the village. As I ran I could feel the other villagers staring at me. Yet they were staring at my eyes; not at me. I finally arrived at my destination, a beautiful, isolated, silent lake that none set foot by for reasons unknown to me. It was perfect. I released a heaved breath and with puffed eyes, I looked at the icy blue water. I made a fist and screamed out even if it was a lamb's mewl.

A lamb's mew and not a lion's roar.

I crouched down to watch the fish as they splashed around in the icy blue water. They looked so happy and free. I wish I was a fish, I'd live a nice quiet life with my goldfish parents and marry a cute Koi fish with happy little fishy family. My little hands went to touch the water but I was stopped in my tracks by a loud thud. The fish swam away too, unfortunately. I was startled and turned around to see a boy my age with a small apologetic smile.

His raven hair was covered in leaves and eyes reminded me of charcoal, a deep blue shirt clung to his thin figure with white shorts and black shoes. He had a bag around his waist. We looked at each other without uttering a word; that is until he spoke before me.

"Sorry about scaring you! My name's Sasuke Uchiha and you are?"

"H-Hinata..." My stuttering made it impossible to fully speak.

He was an Uchiha, the ones the Elders often warned us about. Cold, merciless, harsh and bloodthirsty people.

"Hinata-chan, huh? What pretty eyes you have! They're so soft and fluffy." His own eyes beamed with interest.

It was a rarity for others to call my eyes pretty, the Hyuga eyes were symbols of power and nobility, something my Father thought I lacked.

"T-think so?"

"What'cha doing here by yourself, Hina-chan? I came here to train and be strong just like my big brother!" His face beamed with inspiration.

I was choking on my own words; my inability to speak for myself became fully apparent and I began to wail. I couldn't possibly tell Sasuke the reason I ran over here so instead I cried. I cried as loud as humanly possible, my little lungs began to hurt from the screaming and crying.

Panicking, Sasuke was unsure of what to do or how to do it. He waved his arms around frantically as if gesturing me to stop but I continued on. Running low on options Sasuke went into his bag and suddenly shoved a dango in my mouth. The best way to stop someone from crying, 'Shut up and eat a dango!'

Nearly choking to death I stopped and swallowed, my tears washed away by a feeling of warm stickiness going down my throat. Sasuke released a breath of relief and happily took my hands into his.

"I dunno why you were crying but it'll be okay I promise! Wanna go back to my house? We can talk, play or eat some more dangos!"


Simple Opening. Yay for my simplicity.

Sasuke: Why am I OOC? then again I used to be like then....

Zuko: The fire nation attacked?


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