Chapter 9: Missing

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Natsu's pov🔥
Time skip: Tuesday
I woke up before Lucy did... Yesterday we looked for me again...
With no luck again, which depressed Lucy and Happy even more. I looked at Lucy's calendar... Shit
It's Tuesday, that means I'll turn back to my human self tomorrow... If Lucy found out, she would kill me... I need to leave... I remembered what Lucy said the other day,

I'm so happy your here Flame, if you weren't I would be alone!

I swallowed back tears... Poor Luce... Poor everyone... But I need to leave... Maybe I can remind her of someway...
That's when I saw her camera...

I heard Lucy walk out of her room with her pajamas on but her hair was neat. I ran to her and rubbed against her leg, she petted my head. I ran to the camera and pawed at it. "Oh want to take a picture with me?" Lucy said and smiled, Lucy sure was smart! She picked me up and grabbed her camera. "Say cheese!" She she said and smiled. "Meow!" I mewed and she took some pictures. "Ok kitty I need to take a bath I'll be back!" She said and went to her bathroom.

"B-but I won't..." I mewed and took this chance and ran out the house. I felt tears streaming my furry cheeks, I feel horrible for leaving... I'm sorry Luce...
Lucy's pov🔑
Time skip: After Lucy's bath
I had put my clothes on and taken my bath. "Time to head to the guild!" I mumbled to myself. "Flame! Come here!" I said as I walked out of the bathroom... No sign of him,"Are you asleep under my bed again?" I said and looked under there.
Now I was getting worried, I searched for thirty minutes before giving up... Still no pink cat in sight... "D-don't tell me you left me too..." I said quietly and felt a surge of tears coming. I grabbed my celestial keys and ran to the guild.
At the guild
"Lu-chan! What's wrong?!" Levy said as she run up to me, I had burst through the guild doors crying and upset. "F-Flame... I-is g-gone! Why is everything I care about suddenly leaving?!" I half yelled and started crying again. Levy took me to a chair and sat next to me. "It's ok Lu-chan, we'll find him..." She said while hugging me. "I'll help also, I liked that cat!" Erza said walking up to us. "Awe poor Lucy... I'll help you also... I hate seeing you like this... I don't think Natsu would either..." Mira said the last part quietly. I nodded, "I know... I miss them..." I said and felt years coming once more. "I'll help too, it ain't just the same without them..." Gray said, followed by Juvia. "T-thank you so much..." I said and hugged them. Oh Natsu, Flame, where are you?
Time skip: nighttime 12am
I tossed and turned in my bed, I couldn't sleep at all! We spent all day looking for Natsu and Flame... No luck sadly though... I slowly drifted to sleep.

Natsu's pov🔥
I found a spot under a bush that seemed nice... But I couldn't sleep, I was thinking about the guild and... Lucy...
"I miss you... I'm so sorry" I mewed and fell asleep with tears in my eyes.
Poor Lucy poor Natsu also what will happen when Natsu turns back?

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