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*I do not own the NCIS characters. All I own is Jessica Gibbs and  my own suspects and dead people. If  the suspects and dead peoples names are in the TV show then the rights goes to them.  

Hi, my name is Jessica Gibbs. I prefer Jess or Jessie. My dad is Leroy Jethro Gibbs and he works at NCIS. He is a team leader. My mother is Shannon. I also had a little sister named Kelly but mom and her were murdered. I almost went with them but I stayed at the house which led me to still be alive. I have dirty blonde hair and my eyes are hazel. I am 5'1. I was searching for a job until my dad offered me a job in his team. I accepted of course. Tomorrow is my first day. I already have my hat, badge, and gun. Basically, I have everything I need for tomorrow. I can't wait. I live in an apartment on Sparrow Street. It's close to my dad's house but not close enough that I could walk there. Before I got  job at NCIS, I worked for the FBI. So I know what to do at crime scenes. I quit the FBI because I wasn't anything. I was an agent but the boss never put me in the field or worked on investigations. All he had me do was get him coffee and file paperwork. That wasn't my job. That job belonged to his assistant Miss. Jones. It soon caused her to do less and get paid less so I quit. I wasn't being treated fairly.

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