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"Sick ? Sick ! Natsu is sick ?!" Lucy gasps, eyes wide with shock.

"Ah yes, the flamebrain really is sick," Gray answers, sighing.

"Oh no, is he alright ?" Lucy asks worriedly.

"I suppose so, but no one's taking care of him." Erza cuts in.

"I'll take care of him, it's no problem at all !" Lucy says.

"Alright, he's probably at your house, Lucy." Erza says, walking off.

"Good luck to you." Gray says.


"Oh Natsu... how did you fall sick?" Lucy whispers, wiping away sweat from uis forehead. She smiles tenderly at the pinkette.

"Ngghh..." comes from the dragon slayer.

"Oh boy, you will never know..." Lucy sighs.


"Natsu... you'll never know how much I love you huh... you idiot."


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