series book list

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Series Book List

*The Breaking Series's *
1.    Breaking the Rules
2.    Breaking Jacob
3.    Breaking Down Defenses
4.    Breaking Through to Sue
5.    Breaking Boundaries

The Outlaw Series
1.    Give My Love to Rose
2.    Give My Heart to Kaitlyn
3.    Give My All to Jessie
4.Give My Soul to Carol is a short story that accompanies the series and is on wattpad.

*The Lone Wolf Series*
1. Lone wolf (complete)
2. Hunting the hunter (complete)
3. Wild rogues

*The Savage Series*
1.    Savage Desires
2.    Savage Intentions
3.    Savage Redemption

*The Werewolf Series*
1.    Jake and Angela
2.    Lane and Joey
3.    Charles and Rebecca
4.    Laney and Hunter
5.    Kayleb and Vanessa
6.    Kaylee and Damien
7.    Alex and Angelica

*three short stories serve as prequals to the series. 'Bethany and Greg', 'Jordan and Kent' and 'Raquel and Evan'.

*The Crane Gang Series*
1.    Heart of an Outlaw manxman
2.    An Outlaws Silence manxman
3. Outlaw Vices manxman
4. The Outlaw and the Lady

*Anderson Clan Series*
1. Aces are Wild
2.  To be announced....

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