L: I'm waiting for a baby bump and DNA results hahaha, no joke. Probs a surrogate anyways.

- What is/are your favourite Larry Stylinson fanfic? Whether it be on Wattpad or something else

P: I only read stories on Wattpad, so definitely Confessions of Being a Gay Disney Prince! My God, I can't even describe how freaking amazing that book is, and I'm sure you guys agree with me :)

L: Anything my baby writes.xx and Escapade, After the Larry version, Confessions, any fic where they have children (rec me some) and anything by "smileyourepretty" and "OneDirection23rd" here on Wattpad!

- Favorite band?

P: No doubt One Direction. 5 Seconds Of Summer comes behind them though :)

L: One Direction!!!

- Favorite band member?

P: I fell for the curls and dimples *blushes* To be honest, though, it doesn't really matter to me anymore. I love them all just as much!

L: Louis is my fav. But I swear I am Harry Styles, I even have dimples. omg....y'all, this is serious

- Favorite singer?

P: This is a tough one because I don't really listen to the same singer, you know? It varies, but I absolutely love Ed Sheeran. His voice is just to die for *_*

L: Sam Smith, hands down. But I also have loads of Ed Sheeran on my phone along with Demi :) I'm a little bummed Pauline didn't pick me....:(

- Favorite songs?

P: Well, since I'm Swedish, I like Swedish music a lot (especially the ones that are released in the summer), but of course one of my favorites at the moment is Drag Me Down! Love it!

L: Do You Remember by Jarryd James and Drag Me Down, like that song goes hard!

- 3 otps?

P: Larry (of course), Lashton and I gotta say Lushlaws or Sophiam. I know Nick and Matt broke up, but I absolutely loved their relationship, and Sophiam is just so damn hot. I can't even.

L: 1. Larry...like really, they fuck me up

2. Pacy...like why not???

3. Methan (youtube couple) LOOK THEM UP

- Favorite color?

P: Mine are dark purple and navy blue! :)

L: Turquoise Mint/ Bright Pink :))

- Favorite animal?

P: I've got a white, fluffy, little dog, so I'll say dog :)

L: Flamingo/Platypus...like literally they are the best things in this world

- Color of your hair?

P: Blonde! But it shifts to brown in the winter...

L: Black...boooooooring af

- Eye color?

P: Mine is blue. I'm like a typical Swedish girl by the looks, I guess *hides in a corner*

L: Hazel Brown, they get lighter in the light!

- Water or Coca-Cola?

P: I'll say water cuz I've never really liked Coca-Cola. Besides, I don't drink soda at all now, except for mineral water if that counts? :)

L: Water, because I'm healthy af. But not like regular water because ewww, get you some flavoring packets.

- Cake or pizza?

P: This is a really tough one. I love cookies and unhealthy stuff like that waaay too much, but I think I'll say pizza, because PIZZA.

L: both at the same time?????

Moon or stars?

P: I'll go with stars because they're really pretty and don't show as much as the moon does. I mean, we can even see the moon during the day sometimes...

L: Stars, because Pauline is the brightest one.xx

- Why are you guys so amazing? x

P: I don't know, Lacy. Why are we so amazing? ;)

L: Because, it's looooooooove, and Pauline makes it so easy for me to love her, she's a great all around person and I don't regret a single second I spend talking to her, she's so fucking beautiful.

- Why is Pacy so adorable? Like I'm melting omg

P: I'm glad you think we are. I had no idea we would get this much attention by you guys, but I guess that's all thanks to Lacy's adorable notes at the end of every chapter. She makes me sound so much sweeter and nicer than I am, when in reality, she's the one who's the sweetest and most caring out of the two of us. I love her to bits <3

L: She liesssss, but I really do have a lot of charm. Like daaaaamn, excuse tf out of me for being so charming.


That was all guys! I hope you're happy with our answers and got to know a little bit more about the two of us! If you have any other question, just ask! We love to answer your questions.

And stay tuned because the next chapter will be up by Monday!

Pauline .xx

If I had a dollar for every time Pauline has made me smile, I'd be the richest person in the world. xx


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