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So, here it is! I'll be posting the next chapter Monday hopefully, depending on when Lacy send me the chapter...


- How old are you two?

P: I'm 17! *waves awkwardly*

L: I'm 17, I'll be 18 this month

- Where are you from?

P: I'm from a very very small town in Sweden. Literally, there only live like 10 000 people here, which is really boring :(

L: I reside in the U.S. where strange things happen all the time

- So, how did you guys meet? You didn't just stumble on each other on Wattpad, did you?

P: Well... I want Lacy to answer this one ;)

L: Actually, that is exactly how we met. Pauo's story "Invisible" was the first story I ever put in my library and I decided to message her one day, June 19th 2014 to be exact and we've talked every day since then. :)

- Did you guys meet?

P: No... but that's like my biggest dream! I wish we didn't live so freaking far from each other, otherwise we would've probably met a long time ago. But unfortunately, I've never even been to another country than Sweden, excluding Denmark, which barely counts :(

L: Same, I wish. I wouldn't be able to leave her. She's my baby.xx

- Are you guys actually together?

P: I feel like I'm going to disappoint you guys, but no. We're not together. I'm actually straight... Though, I always say Lacy is an exception, because I loooove her :*

L: Guys, she's totally in love with me. It's so ridiculous. She needs to just go ahead and be with me. :* I loooooooove her more though. xx

- How does lesbian frickle frackle work?

P: Oh my Gosh, haha. Lacy...?

L: HaHA, goodbye. Too awkward for this. Who let this question in????

- What is Larry to you?

P: Everything. No, but really, my whole life circles around them, and I've noticed the past few days that they really affect my life way too much... which is not good at all, considering what Louis confirmed a few days ago. I couldn't eat properly the entire day without wanting to throw up. Anyway, Larry means the world to me, so if it eventually turns out to be real, I'll be the happiest girl on earth.

L: It's my world. They are the my water, air, food, shelter, everything. They hurt my head though for real, they stay having me fucked up and I just....

- What do you think of Louis being a father?

P: Next question please? Haha, no but I don't really like it. As I mentioned before, I couldn't eat without feeling the need to throw up the entire day. However, it all seems a little fishy to me if I'm being honest. Like, why would he say "I'm buzzing" instead of "we"? If you're having a baby with someone, you usually mention the girl as well, right? Well, apparently not. Then it's the guys' reactions when Louis was asked the question. Harry was smirking through the whole thing, and then to top it off, the anchor told Harry that he seemed quiet today?? He'd just had a long speech about the single for God's sake! And Niall's smile when she told Harry this?!?! Okay, so I definitely think there's something weird going on. Besides, wasn't Briana clubbing just a few days ago? I thought alcohol was bad when being pregnant... Hmmm...

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