∞He finds out what you are∞

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(Scott and Liam's are going to be you find out that he's a werewolf since you're a human)

Scott: Scotts's been ditching you for a long time now. He just says he has to go and leaves you. You've been thinking he's cheating but then again you don't think he is. When you were hanging out and he left you decided to follow him to find out what he's been ditching you for.

He runs into the woods so you follow after him. He finally stops at a tree and Stiles is there. "Why can't you just tell her already?" Stiles asks him. "She'll get freaked out... Probably leave me too." Scott says to him. Stiles sighs and chains him to the tree. What is he doing? You ask yourself.

Scott's eyes change colors and starts forming into... A werewolf? "Scott?" You say walking to him. "Y/N!" He says. "Y-you're a werewolf?" You ask him. He nods and you walk up to him putting your hand on his cheek. He forms back into his normal self. "You're not scared?" He asks. You shake your head. "Why would I be scared of you?"

Stiles: Let's face it you're a werewolf. Stiles's best friend Scott is a werewolf. He knows he's a werewolf but he doesn't know you're a werewolf. The only person who knows is Scott because he's the one who bit you. You still had trouble on full moons so Scott wanted to help you.

You went into the woods with Scott so he could chain you. You started forming when Stiles appeared with his Jeep. "Y/N? You're a werewolf? Scott... Did you bite her? Since when... How?" After the full moon happened you explained everything to Stiles.

Liam: You didn't believe in all this mythical stuff about werewolves. Well, at first you didn't. Until your boyfriend Liam told you that he was one. You were at his house watching a movie when all of a sudden he asked you something. "Y/N.. Do you think there's werewolves out somewhere?" You shake your head laughing. "Of course not Liam, why would there be werewolves?" He shrugs. "I might be one." You look at him. "You're kidding right?"

He shakes his head. "No I'm serious." You stand up. "Liam don't be trying to make me believe in this!" You walk outside to your car. "Y/N wait! I'll show you." He tells you grabbing your arm. You stare at him. His eyes glow a bright yellow. "You're..actually a w-werewolf...?" You say shocked. "I told you... Look it's fine if you don't want me anymore you can leave-" You stop him by kissing him. "I'm not going anywhere.

Derek: You were practicing archery with your sister Allison and your dad. You were a hunter. You're boyfriend Derek was a werewolf so it was complicated. He didn't know you were sisters with Allison until he found you training with her. "Shoot that tree all the way over there Y/N!" Allison told you. You shot the tree and smiled. "Y/N?" You heard someone say. You turn around and see Derek. "Derek! Uh.. Hey." He stares into your eyes. "So you're a hunter?" You nod slowly and walk to him going away from Allison. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you... I thought you would leave me because my family hunts your kind." You say. "I won't hurt you though! No matter what happens I will NEVER let my family hurt you!" You say and give him a kiss. He smiles and kisses you back.

Isaac: You knew Isaac was a werewolf ever since he got bit. You were bit days after he was. You didn't tell him yet until you two were training. He didn't want to hurt you but you told him not to go easy. He didn't listen and barely tried to fight. "Isaac! I can do this!" He nodded but still wouldn't listen.

"Isaac! Come on I'm strong enough!" You say. "Y/N, I'm a werewolf and I could hurt you easily!" He says. "Duh I'm a werewolf too dummy." You say to him. He laughs. "Haha very funny.. You can just practice with this punching bag so I won't hurt you." You make your eyes change to show him. "Oh.. You're not kidding." He says. You laugh and keep practicing with him.

(WOW THAT PROBABLY SUCKED WHOOPSsss..... OMG LAST NIGHTS EPISODE MADE ME CRY! You can tell Jeff had a lunch date with satan)

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