twenty nine - harry

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twenty nine – harry

                "He-he left..." a broken whisper was all that left Harry's lips as he rested his body against the cold, metal door, his head pounding and his heart throbbing as he realized that Louis was not going to come back anytime soon, "He left me, why-why would he leave me, d-didn't he, didn't he love me?" he whispered quietly to himself, hot tears running down his cheeks.


                 "Domine miserere mei," Lord have mercy on me, Harry whispered to himself as he surged to the floor, grasping and tugging on the ropes that kept his prisoner in tact. He started biting on them, frantically trying to set Niall free after he had realized what he had just done, "Leave, leave!" he screamed after he had released the blond from the rope.

                  Niall continued to sit on the cold ground, grasping at his aching wrists, confusion written on his baby blues, "H-Harry, please, you're not, you're not yourself again, let me help – "

                   "No!" the youngest screeched, pushing Niall away when he attempted to approach him. His heart was the only thing one could hear in the room, and he was sure it was about to jump out of his chest with how intense his pulse was. How could he have done this? Under whose influence could he have acted with such cruelty towards two people who would be willing to give the world to him? And now, one was gone, and Harry was sure he didn't want to loose another. "D-don't, don't come near me – please, you'll – I'll, I'll hurt you, I swear I will – "

                    "Harry," Niall said in a shaky voice, slowly standing up, "Let me help you – "

                   "Get fucking lost!" Harry snarled with a growl he never knew he could produce, glaring at Niall until the blond had disappeared from the restrooms, running for his life.

                      Harry slumped his back against the floor, a heart-wrecking sob ripping through his chest, palms coming to cover his eyes that were now smudged with make-up and tears. The pain pierced his heart like a sharpened claw, ripping the biggest part of his heart and tossing it to the trash, leaving him bleeding to death and choking on his own blood. So alone and empty, that's how Harry felt – incomplete, for Louis was the one who had come and mended the broken pieces that were hanging off his body, tying them together with the same red string of fate that bound them together from the beginning. And now, he was gone, holding the thread in his fingers as he untied his masterpiece, abandoning it as a pile of crushed bones and crimson blood.

                     Did Louis really leave? Had he actually walked out of this circus and fled, unable to face Harry, this monster, as he had called him, for the rest of his life, despite everything that he had told him and promised him?

                     Without actually wanting to, Harry slowly got up from the floor, wiping his cheeks and eyes from the colored tears that had now stained his skin. The corridor was quiet and empty, however the boy always had a feeling of being watched by him, the same person who had been haunting him ever since he pierced that blade through his father's heart and watched with amusement as his hand turned crimson and that asshole's breathing slowed down torturously with a twisted smile.

                       Harry entered Louis' room, only to find it empty. His belongings were still there, along with Timmy who was stirring in his sleep inside his comfortable and spacey basket. He shot him a remorseful look; "I-I wish I could blame half of the things I did on you," he whispered, pushing his finger on the small gaps of the basket, not that Timmy responded.

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