Meet the Matchmaker

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Lucy P.O.V

I woke up from a seemingly pleasant dream.

Wait a dream?

Yes. Natsu didn't really accept me. In reality, he accepted Lisanna's offer. I don't understand.

But I guess all I felt for him wasn't really love was it?

But if that's true....

Then why am I crying?

Gray P.O.V

I woke up very comfortable. I wrapped my arms around the sleeping Juvia and pressed our naked warm bodies together.

Confused? Let me briefly explain.

'Last night she seemed so upset that she wanted to forget about Lyon as soon as possible. I expressed my feelings for her and we did the dirty. As simple as that."

She groaned and switched her body to face me.

"Gray-sama~" her lips connected with mine. She then got up and walked to the shower.

I soon followed after her putting some boxers on and talking on the other side of the closed bathroom door.

"So I heard we are going back to that club today to see Lightning." I knocked and I heard the shower starting.

"Laxas-San is performing?" Juvia responded from the bathroom. I looked at the used condom in the trash can next to me.

"Y-Yeah and Mirajane who is going to be joining you guy's group is gonna be there." I added.

"I see. Juvia has an extra pair of underwear in her purse. Please get it." I went to the side of the bed and opened her big blue purse which kept a pair of white panties and a matching bra.

Do all girls carry this around?

She opened her door slightly so I could hand it to her.

"You may want to hurry. We gotta be there in 30." Juvia then opened the door.

"Why? Juvia is already dressed?"

Erza P.O.V

Jellal and I got in Jellal's limo.

"Of all people I wouldn't expect my brother, one whom I haven't seen in years..." I sat my hands at the seam of my fitted black dress.

A larger hand covered over mine.

"I'm here for you so don't think you have to do this alone." Jellal reassured.

"Thanks." I chuckled.

"We are here." He noted and I looked up. The paparazzi were already waiting.

They found out about this secret place sooner than I thought.

Jellal took my hand and lead me out of the car.

"Erza! Jellal! This way!" We smiled at the camera with Jellal's hand wrapped softly at my waist.

We refused their questions and went into the club.

Inside, the others were already surrounded at a long booth. Lisanna and Mirajane were there as well.

"How have you been Mira?" I smiled and she hugged me tightly.

"I've been great. Sit down the show is about to start."

(Start video)

The lights dimmed and the spotlight on Laxas on stage.

Laxas:deai ni iro wa nakute
MONOKURO fukinukeru
suzushii yubi temaneku mama ni

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