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"the boys that were in here earlier," says Amanda, "do you know if they're single?"

"no, I didn't ask." I reply, she groans in response.

"well they were hot."

"um okay. I didn't really pay attention to their looks, they're really cool guys though."

"that's not the point, the point is that they're hot."

I roll my eyes and continue hanging clothes in my closet. something tells me that all she wants to do is hook up with them.

"what are their names?" she asks.

"the one in the hat was joey and the one in the red t-shirt was billy."

"joey was the hottest." amanda smirks.

"whatever. im going to finish unpacking now."

for the rest of the afternoon she continued to ask me questions about billy and joey, pointless questions.


around the time that dinner starts, there was a knock on the door. I get up to answer it but amanda beats me to it.

"oh, hey." says a guy.

"hello, what can I help you with?" she smiles, flirtatiously.

"is nat there?" the guy asks.

amanda's smile drops and she moves so the door swings open, revealing joey.

"hey joey, what's up?"

"not much, I was over by here and just wanted to see if you wanted to walk to dinner with me." he says.

"yeah, of course! let me just put my shoes on real quick." I put on my converse and grabbed my phone off the charger. "bye amanda." she shoots me a look and then I walk out the door.

"so what's for dinner?" I ask him.

"probably slop, but that's everyday so." he replies.

we walk to the cafeteria together, talking about various topics. when we get there, we get into line and the food gets placed on our trays.

I look at what was sitting where my food was supposed to be in disgust. "yup, that's slop, alright." I say as joey laughs.

i follow him over to a table of guys, one of them I recognize as billy. I sit down next to joey and a boy in a white t-shirt was next to me.

"guys, this is nat. nat, these are the guys." joey introduces.

"you know me and joey, thats hank, snuffy, and ricardo." they all say hello and I respond back with a polite hi.

"so, nat, how'd you meet billy and joey?" snuffy asks, grinning. billy shoots him a glare and the other guys laugh.

"they were wandering the girls' dorms so I invited them in my room because it was clear that no girl was going to go hit on them." i say, earning some laughs from around the table.

"i don't know, your roommate starting flirting with me as soon as I came to your door earlier." joey says.

"yeah but my roommate is a slut." i respond, causing hank to choke on his water.

I laugh at him and then shove a spoonful of what i think was corn, into my mouth.

"oh she was asking if you guys were single earlier, just so you know." I add.

billy raised his eyebrows at me and joey laughs again. "yeah? well tell her I'm available anytime." billy says, smirking.

"what about you joey?" asks snuffy.

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