60-How Can You See Me (Part 3)

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"Can you just tell me what is happening ?" I asked her as she took her time to start talking .

"I'm still processing it myself Neymar." She snapped at me.

"What are you processing ? Why can't you give me an explanation !?" I asked her standing up and walking over to her.

"Tell me !" I urged her .


"I'm Dead !" she yelled at me a fed up look on her face.

"I'm freaking dead Neymar okay ? Are you happy now ?" I moved away from her shocked and confused.

If she is dead how am I able to see her , and why ?

"w-what ? How can you be dead ? If you're dead how are you standing in front of me right now?"

"I'm dead Neymar , I have been for a little while . "

"Then how are you standing in front of me right now?! " my voice was becoming louder and I was walking back and forth in the small place .

But she wasn't fazed by that.

"I'm a ghost Neymar. I don't know why you can see me but I'm willing to find out." she said determined.

" This must be a joke . Ghosts aren't real ! I'm going crazy !" I ran my fingers through my hair gripping the end .

"Neymar you're not crazy , trust me." She told me getting closer .

"Why are you a ghost then ? Is there something keeping you behind ?"I asked her .

"Us ghosts are people that died before having accomplished something that we really needed to do. And that thing is what keeps us between the living not able to move on. We have to find a way to achieve what is keeping us in this world to be abe to move on." She explained and I urged her to keep going.

"But no one can see us from the living ... and as ghosts we can't touch anything , because as you said we are not real , we are not alive so we are not here for the people. But ..." She trailed off looking up at me.

"But what ? Tell me." I told her.

"But , you can . You can see me . Which means ..."

"Which means ?"

"You can help me . You can help me achieve it."

"What ? How ?" I asked her , a sudden urge to help her took over me.

"Time will tell ."






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