An Interview With Kayden

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So I posted on the Dia-Hards Facebook Page telling you guys that I'm going to interview my characters and many of you suggested Kayden as my first victim. I got a crap load of questions from you guys and called him for an interview.

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Me: Glad you can join me, Kayden.

Kayden: You created me, so I kind of feel obligated to come here. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't show up to this stinking interview. I got better things to do.

Me: Better things like what? To bone Sienna?

Kayden: ...... Objection.

Me: You can't object to question. This isn't a court.

Kayden: Whatever. Can we please get on with the interview already?

Me: Fine. Jeez. Okay first question: What was your first impression of Sienna?

Kayden: When I first saw her, I thought she was beautiful. But that was before she opened her mouth.

Me: Very funny (mumbles sarcastically). Do you have any exes?

Kayden: I fooled around in high school for a while. Did a couple of one night stands. Nothing special. But I never had real feelings for anyone until Sienna.

Me: How good is Sienna in bed?

Kayden: That's for me to know only.

Me: Just answer the damn question.

Kayden: Fine. Sienna is phenomenal in bed. I'm not going to tell you guys anymore than that. Some moments between her and I should be kept private.

Me: Did you know how to fight before you joined the underground ring?

Kayden: Yes, but I did not do any vigorous training, not like the ones I do now. It wasn't only after the stuff with my parents and my sister happened that I started to really get into fighting.

Me: Cool. Will you ever go into professional fighting?

Kayden: (makes a disgusted face) Fuck no. MMA is for pussies.

Me: Why do you use so much vulgar language?

Kayden: What kind of fucking question is this? You made me, Claudia. I should ask you.

Me: To be fair, all my characters use vulgar language. I guess I like swearing a lot.

Kayden: You need a filter in your mouth.

Me: I should be telling that to you. Anyways, what is your favourite thing about Sienna?

Kayden: Her strength. And ferocity.

Me: That's two things. I asked for one.

Kayden: I can't choose. I love both. Those two qualities of hers are what make me lo—like her a lot.

Me: You almost said love.

Kayden: What?

Me: I said, you almost said you love her.

Kayden: You're crazy. You authors are always imagining things.

Me: (Clench my fist to prevent myself from hitting him) Next question. Tell us about some sweet memories or funny or cute incidents involving your sister and yourself.

Kayden: (smiles) Oh there was this time when Clarissa was giving shit about me not having a girlfriend. She was so pissed that I couldn't settle down that she blackmailed a girl to go out with me. It didn't work because I didn't have any feelings for her, so Clarissa's plan kind of failed. But I give her credit for trying.

Me: That's cute. Oh and will you attend the wedding between Sienna's father and Alyson?

Kayden: Yes. I got the invitation about a week ago and RSVD-ed yes. Sienna agreed that I'll be going as her date.

Me: How good are you at changing diapers?

Kayden: I wouldn't know because I've never done it before. Back when Clarissa was a baby, mom used to do all that shit herself. Wait a minute... what are you trying to imply?

Me: Nothing. I swear.

Kayden: Correction: What are your readers trying to imply?

Me: Well... maybe... they thought that there may be a chance that you and Sienna would...

Kayden: Have babies? (Scoffs) Sorry, girls, but I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

Me: (Pouts) Why not?

Kayden: Why not? Because I'm only 19!

Me: Age is just a number.

Kayden: You're so full of shit.

Me: Don't be mean.

Kayden: I'm serious. I'm way too young to have kids right now.

Me: But... do you think there's a possibility that maybe... you and Sienna might have a kid together maybe in the future?

Kayden: I never thought about it. But now that you've mentioned it... maybe? I'd like to. I love kids. But I'll only have them when I'm ready. And older. Maybe with Sienna. She'll make a great mom that's for sure.

Me: Okay, cool. last question: What are you going to do after the championships?

Kayden: Spoilers. (Grins wickedly).

Me: Come on. At least give them a hint. My readers are dying.

Kayden: Okay. I'm not sure what's going to happen — if everything even goes according to plan. But if it does, then I'd like to work on my relationship with Sienna. She's the only girl that matters to me and I want to give her the world. I want to make sure that I'm worthy enough to be her boyfriend. Oh, and I also want to get that damn butterfly tattoo removed.

Me: But that tattoo symbolizes your friendship with Evans!

Kayden: But it looks fucking stupid on me. I'm getting it removed.

Me: Evans will be disappointed.

Kayden: I love Evans like I love my brother, but friendship tattoos are just a no no for me. I'm a dude. And dudes don't do that kind of shit.

Me: But that's exactly what you did.

Kayden: And I want to right my wrong. So that's definitely what I'm going to do after I beat the hell out of Jax.

Me: Anything else you want to say before I end this interview?

Kayden: I can't. Because that would include spoilers. Be thankful.

Me: I am. (:

Kayden: Can I go now, please? Sienna is going to 'kill' me if she finds out I snuck out of bed to do this interview.

Me: Okay, go and woo your girlfriend.

Kayden: Bye, Claudia.

Me: (giggles). Okay that's it for today! We'll be interviewing Sienna next! Stay tuned for more!


A/N: Stay tuned for Sienna, Brent and Evans's interviews in the upcoming weeks. Love you, Dia-Hards.

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