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"Schools ending YES" I said with a cheerful voice

"I know right " said my best friend Snow "now we can FINALLY relax without any trouble"

"Yea" I sighed 

The bell rung as loud as it could and all of us went to our second period class.

An hour later all the students in Mrs.Willsons class moan with boredem. Mrs Willsons didn't care what they did as long as there was no violence invold so pretty much we could do anything until eleven thirty came. Most of the students were sleeping we don't know the reason why were they sleepy.

Mrs.Willsons called my name in a soft tone "Miki May you and Snow come here I need some help for something " 

Me and Snow said with a semi- loud voice "Sure."

As we went up to her she whispered right away "Do you girls want to go to this concert."

She held up 4 tickets. Our mouths drop.

Imposible. How did she get these tickets.

"Well do you want it " she offered "I rarely go to concerts and my son gave these to me and he said to give it to anyone who would like it ." Then she smile.

"um sure we"ll take the tickets" we both said

"Just one thing" Snow asked "um is your son in a band called Final"

Silents came to the room 

Then Mrs. Willsons said "Yes he is in the band "

she gave a worried look to us. We both stare at each other for a while 

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