Returning to Miami (2)

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Miami, Florida - 08:34AM

Lauren's POV

I had already forgotten how hot Miami could be, since I was used to the cold of Europe; that weather was now strange to me, I thought while taking off the coat I was wearing that morning. I walked between the people who were walking from one side to the other, focused on their mobile phones, or in entertaining conversations. I straightened my hair and put on my face my Ray-Ban Aviator, to then head to the exit of the Miami airport, where I saw a black Mercedes waiting for me.

"Good Morning, Ms. Jauregui." The driver greeted me politely.

"Good Morning, Alfred." I said as I got into the car that had a great temperature thanks to the miraculous air-conditioner. "God! Since when is Miami so hot?" I grumbled, dropping my belongings on the seat.

"Since always, Miss. The weather here is always hot." I heard Alfred say as he flashed me a small smile. "I'm sorry to ask, but how is your father?"

"You're right, I have forgotten how things are in here." I said calmly as I accommodated myself better on the seat. "He's fine, he's in LA with my family."

"That's great, I really like Mr. Jauregui. Where should I take you?" He asked, looking at me through the rearview mirror.

"To my new apartment, Alfred. Just follow this street, and I'll give you directions for the rest of the way."

The man nodded and drove away from the airport.

Looking out the window of the car and seeing the streets of Miami, I could remember very well the time I lived there, and what an amazing time it was. I knew that city like the palm of my hand, after all, I wasn't always this Lauren who only thought about work; I had already enjoyed a bit of what life had to offer, in fact, not a bit, a lot. My thoughts wandered to the memories of all the things I had done, but that was all in the past, the immature and irresponsible Lauren was no longer here.

"Turn left at the next corner." I said to the man who was following my directions perfectly.

We finally arrived to the building where I was now going to live in. Alfred quickly got out of the car, striding to my door and opening it.

"Thank you." I thanked him with a smile.

Alfred has been my driver ever since I was younger and lived with my parents. He was a man of a certain age, but still very helpful by the way.

I walked into the main lobby of the building, where the employees quickly went to their work places. It was funny how they behaved in my presence. People were usually 'scared' of me, maybe because of the rude and arrogant manners that they thought I had, but I had no intention of making them believe otherwise. Nowadays to be respected, people had to fear your presence.

"Good Morning, Ms. Jauregui. One of our employees will take your luggage into your apartment. It's the 308, the only one on the penthouse."

I didn't say anything, only nodded and walked to the elevator. Upon reaching my apartment, a red haired young man entered right after me, putting my luggage in my room, stacking it perfectly.

"May I help you with anything else, ma'am?" He asked.

"You can leave." That was the only thing I said.

The apartment was big, an enormous area with a contemporary and sophisticated style, filled with white and brown furniture. On the walls, there were some light and dark colors, and paintings with beautiful drawings. Everything was the way I liked it. I walked to the living room, where I lay on the couch, taking off my high heels that were hurting my feet. I let my body relax on top of the couch for a few moments, the trip was long, or rather, life was being too hard. Then I got up again and went to the big balcony of my apartment.

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