Part 82 - Damien

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"Just lay down here and I'll go and get the doc" Aaron pointed to the hospital like bed in the tiny room he had lead me to. As soon as he was there he was gone again. I just nodded quickly as I carefully hoisted myself upon the edge, and took deep breaths. I didn't like this, I didn't like this at all, my contactions seemed to get worse as they happened, and seemed to be constant. "Owwwww!" I cried, I just wanted to be back home! I wanted to be back to how things were before this shit storm! I missed James, I missed Rick and I missed all my friends. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. "Right Jess? Is it? I'm Doctor Fenny, I'll be delivering your baby today, nice to have you with us." Replied a tall, brunette man, with black rimmed glasses. He was dressed in baby blue scrubs with a large clip board in his large hands. The height difference between himself and Aaron was substantial, and to be honest Aaron was a shortie! "Have you had many babies born here?" I asked, "Er, not really... but I know how deliver a child" Fenny stated not so convincingly as he held up a hyper dermis needle to my arm. "Whoa! What... is in there!" "Just a pain killer, it will help with your contractions and make child birth more bearable" The doc replied before placing the needle to my arm. I moved back even further "Aaron!" I yelped "It's okay jess... I trust him" I nodded to Aaron's response and laid back. The Doc placed a light cotton sheet over my legs and disappeared out of sight. "Right Jess you're about 8 centimetres di-... oh no" Doctor Penny's voice trailed off... "What?" My voice began to get shaky "We'll need to do a C-section..."

Flashbacks came flooding through my mind about Lori and Judith. About how much agony Lori was in and how it could have killed the both of them. I shot up, eyes darted around the room until they met with someone else's, Aaron was first. "I don't want a C-section! I don't wanna die!... I need Rick! Where is he! Aaron go and find him now!" I screamed. Tears were rolling down my face at this point... I just wanted me family here, but in all reality I knew I wasn't going to see the others again. Fenny stood up and pulled off the rubber gloves he had placed on himself before checking me. "Jess you won't die, nor will the baby... but if we wait any longer those incredibly low chances will increase... your baby is in distress and is coming out feet first, the umbilical cord is tangled up and the baby can't move... We need to perform a C-section" desperation filled his voice, as he shuffled on the spot I knew I would have to do this... For my baby and for my my own life. He walked three large paces towards a machine with a mask attached to it before walking towards me. "I'm going to place this over your mouth and you're going to sleep for about an hour. By then you'll have you baby in your arms okay?" He stated, I just nodded and waited for him to place the mask on me. "I want you to count down from ten until you fall asleep and we'll see you soon Jess" I just nodded and began to count down in my head until things started to go from blurry to black.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1.


A shrill scream alerted my groggy mind, when two big brown beautiful eyes, glistened in the low light as they stared into my hazy eyes. I was in a trance, staring back into this tiny soul that I had intertwined into my arms. Fenny began talking to me before I was fully aware about where I was. "Congratulations Jess, the surgery went extremely well, and you now have a beautiful baby boy" he chuckled as my beautiful little baby cooed. He looked so innocent... untouched by all this shit in the world... my little angel. "All you need to do now is give him a name" Aaron chimed in, popping his head round the doorway. "I'll leave you to decide, I'll be back soon to check up on you two" With that Doctor Fenny left, strolling through the door with what I only can assume was great accomplishment. "Thank you" I murmured, still out of it a little bit. "What for?" Aaron asked with confusion. "You got me here... somewhere safe, you took me in without even knowing me and helped me have my baby... you did so much for me without expecting anything in return... so thank you " I stated. He began to blush and shuffle on the spot "No problem... so... what are you gonna name Lil cutie over there?" He questioned, whilst making eye contact with the floor. "Well..." I paused, looking at my baby, my world, my entire life "I'll call him... Damien"

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