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I was the game-changer. I could do whatever I want. If I did something from chapter twelve, it should get the response it did in twelve.

It was the night of the party, and I was standing in front of my amazingly big mirror. According to what the author wrote, I looked good. Like, 'I wanna fuck him' good. I was going to have to be if I was going to be a needy little bitch that night. I was going to risk my sanity and lower my standards and flirt like crazy.

I sighed, hearing a car horn beep outside my window. I walked downstairs and ran out to the car. Black Range Rover. Of course. I sat in the passenger seat, seeing Kylie in the back with her arms crossed. Didn't bother asking if she was okay, because I didn't like her.

"Ready?" Ashton asked me with a smile.

"You didn't ask me if I was ready." Kylie said like a little kid.

"Kylie, could you just – not?"

I watched Ashton the rest of the car ride, undoubtedly, indefinitely staring at him. He glanced at me, smiling a little as he tucked his hair behind his ear. He giggled – holy shit – he giggled. And suddenly I thought flirting with him would not be such a leap of insanity as I thought.

The party was huge. Red cups on the lawn. People making out. Smokers sitting on the front door steps. Music vibrating the walls. Guy grinding. Girls pining for attention.

Kylie walked off within the first few seconds, leaving me and Ashton by the wall. Drinks were in our hands, and we were laughing like we were best friends.

"I'm so drunk." I giggled, completely sober as I initiated chapter fourteen. "And you're really hot."

"Wow, slow down there, babe." He laughed as I pouted.

"Slow down where, huh?" I asked, biting my lip as I pulled on his shirt.

"Okay, that's it." He grabbed my hand in his. "We have to get out of here before you start stripping."

I furrowed my eyebrows, confused as to why a part from nine had been quoted. I mentally shrugged as we got into his car. I started to feel truly a little drunk, which was weird considering I hadn't drunk a single drop.

There was a lookout just on the outskirts of Western Sydney called Moonrise Lookout. It was bush for some parts, and in the far distance you can see the big buildings of the city. But at night, it looked pretty, but when you were drunk, it was so much better.

We sat on the bonnet of his car, looking up at the stars. I looked at Ashton, who was going on about Kylie, and how much of a bitch she was. All that came to my mind was, kiss me instead. He turned to me, and his smile faded. He leant over and kissed me.

I was surprised how much of a good kisser he was for a character in a story. And I was surprised that in what I had read upto, we hadn't even kissed yet.

His tongue was in my mouth, and his breath was my oxygen as we kissed. In no way had I expected this, as he laid me down, breathing against my neck. He mumbled a few things in between kissing down my neck, like how dead he was in the morning, and how cute I'd been looking all night.

My nails dug into his back. Why did he feel so real? He was a character in a story. His hair shouldn't be tickling my neck. I shouldn't have been able to smell his breath. I should barely be able to feel a thing because he was fictional.

Fictional. I was the only real thing in this story.

"Ashton," I mumbled, "look at me."

Something hit me as he watched me. It felt like bugs were crawling around in my stomach. Why did he look so scared? It was weird for something that wasn't supposed to have any other emotions apart from what it was assigned to.

"Things are changing, aren't they?"


"I'm feeling something."

Okay so I've decided most of the chapters are gonna be this long so the story can go for longer

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