Chapter Seven ~ Team Ten

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The next two days zipped by fast.

I stood in front of Lasy Tsunade, ready to receive what I had asked for.

"Here's the list, with name and class rank," She said, handing me a sheet of paper. "I've highlighted the genin who will be under you."

I scan the list of names, and raise an eyebrow. "You're putting Aisa on my team? I mean, no objections, but aren't you worried about personal relations?"

"As far as I'm concerned, there is no legal relationship to you and this boy. And from what I've heard, he'll help in your rehabilitation quite drastically," Tsunade replie, not glancing up from her own papers.

I looked at the other two names highlighted in the list.

Kento Mikuyo; rank 1

Michiko Kuren; rank 2

The first detail that I noticed was the ranking. Aisa was ranked 3rd.

"You gave me the top 3 in intelligence," I stated.

"Yes, well I thought it would work best. I want your team to specialize in infiltration, and those three graduated top of the class in intelligence."

I felt a little comfort in knowing that Aisa was on my team due to his own skill and not just because of who he is and who I am.

"Well, that's something that I can do." I assured. Assassination was my specialty, and infiltration was second nature to an assassin.

"And here is your flak jacket and headband. The flak jacket is not required, though it is highly recommended and most use it on missions. Understand?"

"Yes," I nod, taking the proffered items.

"Then I leave them in your capable hands," Tsunade said. "Dismissed."


"I don't believe you," The red head said, glancing over me. "There's no way someone as young as you is our sensei."

"Judging someone before you even know their name?" I raise an eyebrow. Aisa subtly shook his head at his friend, warning him against challenging me. "Fine."

I push myself off the doorway, ignoring the stares of the genin who's sensei had yet to pick them up. "What are you going to do?" He asked, eyes half closed and clearly conveying his boredom.

"You're used to being one of the smartest people in the room, aren't you?" I smirk, leaning over his desk. He doesn't respond. "Well, in reality, the moment I stepped into this room you got knocked down a peg. Get used to it."

"How long until our real sensei gets here?" He fires back.

I take a step back, pushing my coat out of the way to stick my hand into my pant pocket. "Iruka isn't here to protect you little academy students anymore," a cruel smile spread across my face. "The rules have changed. Fine," I nod, "I'll race you. Team ten, stand up."

Aisa, the purple haired girl, and the red head stood. "Where are we racing?" Aisa asked, always up for a challenge.

"To the top of the Hokage mount," I reply.

The purple haired girl, Minori, raised her hand. "Must we partake in this race?"

"Yes. I'll give you guys a two minute head start. Go."

I say 'go' normally, hoping to catch at least one of them off guard. To my surprise all three jumped away and began the race as soon as the word passed my lips.

I smirked. This was going to be interesting.

I gave everyone who was watching me a close-eyed smile at two minutes. "Peace." I said casually, and to the naked Eye, I then disappeared. All that trailed behind me was the faintest breeze.

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