Chapter Eleven

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About 5 minutes after I started dealing with Fairy Floss, the pizza delivery man came to the door.
William answered and sat the pizza on the coffee table next to the couch.

I huffed "It's gonna be cold by the time I'm finished feeding him"

"Just come and get a bit," He said holding up the box.

"My hands are full, stupid" I resisted rolling my eyes as I looked from William's eyes to the baby doll in my arms.

He stood up and walked towards me with a slice of pizza in his hand, "Fine"
He continued to walk towards me stopping about half a meter away from me.

As he was walking towards me I could help but check him out, his biceps large from muscle even without him flexing, his amazing body noticeable through the shirt he was wearing, that also happened to match mine. His grey sweats hanging low on his hips, showing off the band of his Calvin Klein's when he raised his arms.
I slowly looked back up to his face to see him smirking back at me, great.

I looked back down at the baby in my arms, but not before looking at his almost fluffy looking hair.

"Finished checking me out?" I have known this guy for less than 24 hours and I already want him to fuçk me, what the hell.

"I wasn't checking you out, I was just... looking" By now I was still looking down at fairy floss, and could tell my cheeks were extremely red.
I hate that I turn in to a tomato when I blush.

"Open" I could smell the slice of pizza next to my face, and as I looked up I was right.


He looked at me like I was stupid "Open your mouth stupid, I'm feeding you pizza"

"If this is your idea of romantic then I -" I was half way through my sentence when my mouth was filled with pepperoni pizza, yum.

"Happy" He watched as I chewed on the large mouthful of pizza.
I finished what was in my mouth before answering "very".

I smiled, showing off all of my teeth, sarcastically of course.

"You have pizza all over your teeth, real classy Darc" He walked back over to the couch and took the place he sat before.

"For the millionth time, it's Darcy, not Darc" I sat Fairy Floss down at the other end of the couch with his blankets before sitting back next to William.

For the rest of the night, we sat together, and I ended up leaning my back against the side of this chest while his arm went over my shoulder and lay on top of my chest.


I woke up the next morning to a baby's cry.

I turned around to be met with somebody else's body,
"What the fuck, you said you slept on the couch" I expected my voice to be louder but it came out just about a whisper, seeing as I just woke up.

It took William a couple seconds for his eyes to open and for his to realise his surroundings before he smirked.
"I'm not sleeping on the couch when there is a perfectly good bed, and you don't even take up a full half"
I was about to answer when the crying got louder
"What the fuck is that?" He looked at me, his eyebrows furrowed waiting on my answer.

"It's obviously Fairy Floss" I sighed, knowing he wasn't going to get up so checked the time, 7;33 AM. Great.

"I'll go then shall I?" I knew he never even considered going to see fairy floss so it was pointless for me to say that.

I walked down to the living room to see fairy floss still sitting in the same place as last night.
I fed him, 'washed him up' which consisted of using the cloth like thing that came in the baby bag and wiped his face, then changed his diaper.
I put him in my arms, rocking them slightly as I walked back up to the bedroom.
"So father, what are you doing today?"

"Staying in bed, maybe go out later with a couple friends" He seemed so relaxed and chilled out.

I walked towards the bed and sat down on my side "You are not going out just to get drunk and high then come back here for me to deal with you and watch fairy floss"

"Fine then, I won't come back so you don't have to deal with me" He sat up now, and I only just noticed that he didn't have the t-shirt he had on last night, he had nothing on, his chest was bare, for me to see.
His body looked like it was sculpted by God himself.

"Stop staring, kitten" He laughed as he got out of bed, thank God he still had his grey joggers on.

Kitten, wait kitten, Noah.
Shit, where is he?

"Darcy, come and get your cat out the shower before I turn the water on and soak it" I quickly lay Fairy Floss down on the bed before running to the bathroom to find William only in his boxers, ohymyogoox

My mind was ripped away from those inappropriate thoughts when Noah started to rub his tiny body against William's ankle and started purring.

"This is adorable, my baby" I giggled kneeling down so I could take my kitten away from William.

I looked up and I kid you not, William was smiling, genuinely smiling.
It was beautiful.

"You like cats huh?" I stood up now, holding Noah in my arms as he tried to escape by climbing up on to my shoulders.

"I'm more of a dog person myself, but I mean you can't not like a little fluffy thing like that" He grinned, and I immediately went red when I realised I was standing talking to William while he was only wearing boxers.
Most girls would kill to be in this position but I find it extremely awkward, I would rather be singing karaoke in front of all my old crushes than be here right now.

I turned on my heels and quickly left, not forgetting to shut the door behind me.
I heard William chuckle before the water went on.


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