Chapter 4: Things Are Not As They Seem

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Your P.O.V.:
You, Yukine, and Suzuha all walked to a nearby park slowly.
There was tension the entire way, both Suzuha and Yukine shooting glares at each other the entire walk there.
You just awkwardly walked inbetween them, pretending to be interested in the trees or vendors you passed by.
Even Yukine was growling sudden profanities next to you, which was pushing you over the line.
"Would you two quit it?!" You screamed, startling the two of them.
They both looked at you in shock, but returned to their game of 'who can shoot daggers through their eyes best'.
"Its not my fault Suzuha doesn't know how to stay away from other people's property." Yukine snarled through his teeth, folding his arms against his chest.
Suzuha raised an eyebrow and smirked.
"Well its not my fault Yukine is too possesive of things,"
You groaned, glaring at the two boys.
"Lets get some things straight, you two. Number one, I am NOBODIES property. Number two-"
"Well technically you are Yat-"
"SHUT UP SUZUHA!" You roared at him, as he put his hands up in defense, his eyes giving off rays of fear.
"As I was saying, number two. Yukine is my boyfriend, Suzuha. I love him, and there's no getting past that. We can still be friends if you want.." You told him, holding out your hand, wanting to put everything behind you.
"Lets just start over, like none of this even happened.
Hi, my name is (Y/n), and this is my boyfriend Yukine. We are regalia of the god Yato." You said sternly, also making a stubborn Yukine hold his hand out.
Suzuha eyed Yukine hesitantly, but he eventually gave in, shaking both of your hands.
"And my name is Suzuha. I am a regalia of the god Bishamon. Nice to meet you."
"Likewise." You said with a smile, clapping your hands together happily.
"Now, shall we continue on with our plans to go to the park?" You asked them both nicely.
Yukine's eye twitched in anger, but he sighed in defeat.
"Sure, why not."
Suzuha too sighed, looking to the ground.
"Yes, lets go."
You all made it to the park, the only people being there being a woman and her child, seemingly playing together.
As soon as you caught sight of the swingset, you immediately ran over to it.
Both Yukine and Suzuha fought over who would get to sit next to you, but Suzuha beat Yukine to it.
Yukine growled in the corner, silently repeating profanities again.
"Yukine, we already went over this. If Suzuha wants to sit next to me, he can. But just as friends." You said to him as if you were teaching a child how to share.
"Yeah, whatever." Yukine sneered, leaning against the pole holding the swingset up.
Moving onto a different topic, you began to question to Suzuha. You were curious as to how Bishamon fought Yato a few days ago, and Suzuha probably had answers.
"So...Suzuha, about Bishamon.. how long has she wielded the ability to control phantoms?" You asked hesitantly.
Suzuha's eyes widened in confusion as his swing skidded to a stop.
"..Veena cannot control phantoms.." he said silently, his chocolate orbs showing concern.
You heart almost stopped, as your swing also skidded to a stop, your feet digging into the ground.
"What do you mean? We saw her do it. She said Medusa could do it too." Yukine intervened.
Suzuha eyed you both suspiciously.
"It is viewed as a great sin in the heavens in you possess phantoms. Veena is one of the seven lucky gods, and a god of fortune. There's no way she could stoop that low... They would have her killed." Suzuha explained, as you and Yukine looked back to each other in confusion.
"Bishamon's sister, Medusa, was one who possesed phantoms, and was supposed to be sent to execution. But she was killed by Yato before the heavens even had a chance to touch her."
"So that means... Medusa was a god too?" You were slowly learning that you and Yukine didn't know everything that was going on. There was much more that you two didn't even know about.
Suzuha nodded.
You both sat there in shock, taken a-back by what Suzuah was saying to you.
"..But that had to be ages ago...and if Medusa was a god, wouldn't she be resurrected if she was killed?" Yukine asked, standing up from his former leaning position on the pole.
"Yes.. chances are she's still alive right now." Suzuha said, unphased.
You and Yukine gasped.
That would mean that if the woman who tried to kill Yukine wasn't really Bishamon.. it was actually Medusa?
"Uh.. Suzuha.. please tell me Medusa doesn't have the ability to change her apperance so that she looks like other people..?" You asked him nervously.
And that was it. The pieces of the puzzle were all fitting together now. It wasn't Bishamon who was after Yato. It was Medusa, and she wanted revenge for her death and the death of her regalia.
But that wouldn't explain Kazuma, though..he came to help you rescue Yato..
"But what about Kazuma? There's no way he would be on Medusa's side.." Yukine asked, as he walked over to your side, prepared to leave.
"I wouldn't be surprised if she found something that gives her the ability to change her appearance. And if it can change her appearance, it can probably change that of her regalia."
Suzuha's words shook you, your eyes darting to the ground.
"Shit.. shit.. shit.. she confused us.. she's been playing us like fools this entire time! We need to go. We need to find Yato." You said frantically, grabbing Yukine's hand.
"Thanks, Suzuha." You thanked him for the information, but you were stopped by the sound of a struggle.
You and Yukine slowly turned around to see Suzuha, held captive by the woman with sickly red hair, and chilling violet eyes.
The woman and child you'd first seen when you'd gotten here were nowhere to be found, meaning that that woman and child was actually Medusa and her regalia, who were using their ability to change their apperances.
But... how? How did she know that you were here? And with Suzuha too?
Standing with her was apparently her regalia, a young man with messy white hair cascading down his back, golden eyes similar to Yukine's, and pale, sickly skin.
Medusa grinned, her shark like teeth shown off to you.
She traced her finger nail along Suzuha's collar bone, as he looked on at the two of you in fear.
"Now, now. I can't let you live with you telling all of my information to strangers like that, Suzuha.." Medusa chimed, her voice sending chills down your spine.
Your grip around Yukine's wrist tightened, as you both began to back away from her.
"Listen, you don't have to kill him. He is your sister's regalia after all.."
Yukine attempted to calm her down, his auburn irises pleading.
She laughed, seemingly unphased by what Yukine had just said.
"He even said it himself, Veena does not care for this child. Therefore she won't miss him." She said with a smile, as you began to stalk forward.
She wouldn't really do it, would she? She couldn't do it..
"Come, Sohe." (Pronounced, So-hay ╮(╯▽╰)╭)
The woman said without a single hesitation, the man with long white hair transforming into a single pistol.
The pistol landed in Medusa's leather gloved hand, her eyes appearing soul-less. She put the barrel of the gun at Suzuha's head, tears falling out of his dark eyes.
"No!! You don't have to do this!! You want us, not him!!" You screamed, Yukine holding you back.
"He knows too much." She said, her lips forming a thin line, as those lizard like pupils stared directly into yours.
Your heart was beating out of your chest, as you tried to get out of Yukine's grasp. Suzuha was your first and only friend, and you couldn't just let him die, you couldn't let him when you could do something.
Your hair was in your face, as you finally pulled free from Yukine, running towards Suzuha. Tears were falling down your face. You were desperate. You had to save him. It felt like when you believed Yukine was dead and there was nothing you could do to save him.
You couldn't run fast enough, you needed to save him.
"(Y/n), stop! She'll kill you!"" Yukine screamed from behind you, eventually catching up to you, and knocking you to the ground.
"Let me go!! We can't let him die, we have to do something!" You squirmed underneath him.
You didn't care if Medusa tried to kill you. All that mattered was saving Suzuha.
Yukine held you by your waist, your finger nails digging into the sand.
You looked up at Suzuha, his lips pinched closed, as he silently cried, opting to look away from you.
"Silly girl.. this boy means nothing to you." Medusa said again, as her finger pulled back at the trigger, you frantically moving to knock her over.
And with that, an ear shattering boom shook throughout the park, your face falling. It was like a blur, everything moving in slow motion.
Medusa no longer beared a serious look on her face, but a satisfied shark toothed grin. She let go of Suzuha, his body lifelessly plummeting to the ground. You shut your eyes tight, your hearing even muted, so you couldn't hear your own cries. Suzuha's wide emerald eyes, being the last part of him that was still alive, fell to the ground, right in front of you.

Wow. I feel terrible. Not only because I took forever to write this, but because Suzuha dies. Okay. Okay. I'm alright. I am totally not in the feels. I wrote this. I'm completely okay. (〒︿〒)
In other sad topics, I have less than one week of summer left, and that means I better be doing back flips off of cliffs, because I am going back to hell. But do not worry! Just because I am starting school doesn't mean the updates stop coming! I will try my best to keep updates frequent, since you guys always ask for more. Let me know if you guys liked this chapter or hated it! Don't forget to vote, favorite, and comment! I love you guys- Drama Typhoon

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