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"hi, you must be Amanda." I say to the blonde girl walking into the dorm. She mumbles some sort of response, grabs her phone and leaves.

"and I'm Nat, nice to meet you too." I mimic myself, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

This school, (that sucks by the way) just started accepting girls this year. It's a boarding school, so at least I'm out of my house, but it still sucks. The only reason I'm here is because my dad is an asshole and can't keep track of how many kids he has from all his affairs. Anyways, I'm not interested in this at all, everyone here is either an ass or a bitch so far. I guess I'll find new people but for now, I'm just going to unpack.


"damn it, Billy!" I holler to my best friend and roommate.

"what'd I do this time?" he groans.

"you left all your freakin stuff in the middle of the room and I can't get to my bed!"

"whoops." he grins, coming out of the bathroom.

Fed up with his crap already, I walk on top of his trunks and bags sitting on the floor while Billy mutters strings of curse words at me. Most of my stuff is unpacked already, so I sit on my bed and sketch a bit while Billy trips over everything in sight.

After about 30 minutes of him shoving his belongings into drawers and dressers, he throws a shoe at me. I look up from my sketch pad, clearly aggravated, and chuck it back at his head.

"come on, Trotta, let's go over to the girls' dorms and scope out some babes."

I agree, knowing he wouldn't give up and also, girls, so we walk to the other side of campus and into the girls building. We're allowed in here as long as it's before 9:30 p.m. and it's about 1 p.m. so we're good.

Most doors were open, giving us a good view of all the girls inside. We pass one room and then go back for a double take because the girl in there is absolutely gorgeous. For a minute, I had to remind myself how to keep breathing. She was absolutely stunning. She's leaning over a suitcase, her hair falling out of the mess on her head, she was wearing a grey tank top and shorts with some converse and she had a key around her neck.

Without looking up she starts to fold something in her suitcase and says, "takke a picture, it'll last longer anyways." It took a minute to realize she was talking to us. She stood up straight and turned to us, her shirt coming high up on her stomach, showing the piece of metal attached to her belly button.

"you guys can come in if you want." She says. Billy and I scurry inside her dorm as fast as possible.

"hi," I say, "Nice room."

"thanks. sorry for my roommates' stuff, she kind of just dropped it off and left." the girl grumbles.

"so what's your name?" billy asks her.

"natasha, but don't call me that. nat is my only acceptable name."

"well alright then, nat, I'm joey and this is billy." I tell her.

"cool man."

we made small talk for a while and then nat's roommate came back and forced us to leave.


billy and joey seem really cool, I think I'd consider them my first friends at Regis.


hi so this is my first 80's fanfic so I hope this turns out okay and that you liked the first chapter. this is au but it's also happening in like modern times and everything but obviously with young wil and sean. so let me know what you think! thanks for reading!


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