So come on baby, won't you show some class
Why'd you have to move so fast?
We don't have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no
We could dance and party all night
And drink some cherry wine, ohh oh

Just slow down if you want me
A man wants to be approached cool and romantically
Ohh oh'

"We're you planning on adding any more verses?" Janice asks.

I go blank as I wasn't sure if I had more to say. It's not that I don't have anything to say, I actually have a lot of emotions right now and I'm just not sure to word it the way I want it to be heard.

I quickly think of something smart to say, "yeah, um I was thinking of continuing that verse and repeating the chorus,"

"Great! Okay so I want you to process all of that through your mind, finish up the song and we'll try different ways to record it. I have to go right now but I'll call you, okay?"

"Yeah..... sure," My words come out sounding depressing.

I slam myself into the rolling chair and just sit there.

I wonder how other people deal with this. ️depression, anxiety, losing your best friend, having your hear broken.

I lean back into the chair and kick up my feet. Just staring at the ceiling I listen to the music blasting through my ears.

Luke's POV

"Don't you feel bad?" Calum asks me taking a chomp of his burger.

"Can we please not talk about?" I calmly say, "Why are you eating?"

"I'm hungry," Calum says with guilt.

"We're suppose to be waiting for Ms.Jones,"

"Sorry I'm late," Ashton takes a seat next to Calum, "Where's Janice?"

"Late," Calum speaks with a full mouth.

"Hey can I bite?" Michael grabs the sandwich out of his hands.

"hey!" Calum complains.

Idiots. Always fucking around.

"Sorry I'm late." Ms.Jones takes a seat at the end of the table, "Did you boys have a problem with the fans?I see they're still outside."

"Not really," I spoke softly.

"Okay so, I know you guys finished a meet and greet but we want to set up an all around the world tour,"

"Another tour?" I questioned, "We just got off,"

"Yes but it would be great for the fans and you, your fan ban has increased very instantly," She informed us.

I turn to look at the boys and see that none of them were listening. "Guys!" I shout getting their attention.

"Sorry...." They say at once.

"Wow Luke," Ms.Jones says, "I'm surprised your the one paying attention,"

I nudge and ignore her.

"Okay so since no one else wants to pay attention, Luke can you please head over to the house at I don't know, What time is it?" She asks.


"Maybe at 4:00, 4:30. Since you are the creator, shall I say," Janice leaves on that note.

She always has business meetings. She's always in a rush to leave.

I get up from the table and head to a friends house. I couldn't stand hanging around the boys. None of them were paying attention. Michael was too busy sleeping, Calum was to busy eating and Ashton was too busy texting Bryana.

I didn't actually go to a friends house I just drove around, trying to pass time.

All I could think about was Jazmine. The way I broke her heart, the way I watched her cry, the way I didn't do anything to stop her from getting hurt........from me. I shouldn't have let her fall for me, I should have fallen for her. Ever since I found out her past I never should've let her to fall for me, not when I knew I was going to mess up.


I realized all my chapters are so long most fanfics I read are like 2 or 3 pages and short but mines are like forever.

I'm planning on making another luke fanfic that will have shorter chapters.


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