Chapter 4

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Chapter 4.

I woke up the next morning; not by my alarm clock, not by my mum shouting at me, but by something hitting the window.

I got up and opened the curtains. And to my surprise Alex was stood outside my house, throwing stones at my window. You know, he could have broken it. But that was the least of my problems.

I opened the window and called, "what on Earth are you doing?"

"Giving you a wake-up call. I thought you might need one."

"By nearly breaking my window?"

"It woke you up, didn't it?"

I laughed at that. "Yeah, I guess."

"Now hurry up and get ready before I come up there and make you." He gave me a quick wink.

"You're not my Mum." I couldn't help but find the whole situation hysterical.

"No, but I am you're awesomly hot boyfriend."

"I'll be right there," I chuckled, "just let me get ready."

Hating the fact we have to wear a uniform, I took the clothes from my wardrobe and changed out of my pyjamas. At least I didn't have to spend ages choosing what to wear. I applied mascara and my pale pink lipstick, and brushed my hair. Thankfully, it wasn't a complete mess today.

I grabbed my bag and hurried down the stairs. I didn't even bother to have breakfast, because I was too excited about my day with Alex. I ran towards the door and closed it behind me.

"Hello beautiful," he greeted me with wide eyes.

"Hello hot-stuff." I smiled and took his hand.

"We catching the bus or are we walking?"

"You're choice, babe."

"Will we get there on time if we walk?"

"Who cares?" He smirked at me. "We could always run."

I shot him a look. He, as well as everyone else, by now should know that I'm not the sporty type.

 He laughed and pressed his lips against my forehead.

"And so what if we're late. It only means you have to spend more time with me."

I smiled and pulled him into a hug. He was right. I would be spending more time with him. And that's what I wanted. I felt on top of the moon, everytime I was even near him.

And so, we walked the long journey to school. You know, walking. Long walking. Not my thing. I swear, this boy could make me do anything with the click of his fingers!


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