Neji Hyuuga

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You were in the academy like your other friends. You wanted to be the most stealthiest ninja there was and join the Anbu. Your friends included a variety of people like this shy girl Hinata Hyuuga, which was your best friend. You had many other friends but she was the main one. You sat near the front of the class today with  Ino on your right and Neji to your left. You liked Ino even though she was a bit annoying at times but she was only like that around Sakura. Neji on the other hand would barely talk to you so you didn't really know much about him but whenever he did talk it was...kinda cute even though he was rude, but whenever he was rude you would never notice it, rather you would notice how hot his voice sounded.....wait, what? Never mind. Tomorrow you would have a test to see how good you could do the shadow clone jutsu.

---At home---

You immediately went to your room to practice the shadow clone jutsu. "shadowclonejutsu.", you whispered, practicing your stealth skills too. You completed the shadow clone jutsu but it wouldn't do what you did. "Great, I created a statue jutsu.", you mumbled sarcastically.

" Honey, you forgot to eat dinner! It's almost bedtime so eat quickly!, your mom yelled at you.

"Be right there!", you called back

You went down stairs to eat some pork then got ready for bed. You got comfy in your bed and said to yourself, " I hope my jutsu works tomorrow and I pass." You feel alsleep.

Sorry it's so short, let me know what you think! I know I said no pictures but I got my friend to help me out with the pictures so beware of strange pictures. (<--sorry if you can't see emoji) DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN NARUTO AND ALL OTHER CHARACTERS BELONG TO THEY'RE RESPECTFUL OWNERS. Thank you for reading! =)

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