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Sergio pov

It was 5 weeks ago and she still didn't escaped my mind.

After i confirmed my feelings to her, that were also my last words. They took her to a hospital and me back home.

I have a free day and saw that the female football of fc barcelona were playing the final of the female champions league. She still didn't recovered from her broken leg, that's what i readed of the Internet. Oh and she broke up with Alvaro. Gosh i'm such a stalker.

I enjoyed the whole game, but my eyes were by her. She was sitting on the bench, supporting her team.

But sadly they lost from the bayern munchen female team. After they got their medal, i walked after her.

There were so many people on the field and I just tried to cover. You can't actually recognize me because i shaved my beard and had another haircut and pair of sunglasses.

When she wanted to hopscotch to the lockerroom with her sticks I covered her eyes with my hands.

'Lexi let go of me, for these sticks make sure you won't be able to have children anymore.' She hissed.

'Still aggressive i can remember.' I smiled. She didn't spoke anymore, she must recognized my voice.

I took my hands back and she turned around. Her eyes, those were the one i missed the most.

'Ramos.' She smiled. 'What are you doing here?'

'Did you remember that pinky swear? Even though we didn't hold contact or something but i won't let you go.'

She blushed and placed her hand on her face.

'I don't deserve this.' She sighed.

'Yeah nobody deserves me. I'm like over the top you know.'

She took one of her sticks and slapped it on my ass.

'Gosh i knew you wanted my ass.'

She laughed and shook her head.

'Go comfort your team and i will meet you outside.' I said.


'Taking you for dinner. I know you didn't eat.'

'Awh you're asking me for a date?' She chuckled.

'Who said It was a date?'

She kind of looked shocked and disappointed at the same time.

'I will see you around.' She said while turning around. When she wanted to take a step with her sticks I turned her around and she let her sticks fell. I grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips.

When i let her go, we both gasped for air and she shook her head.

'Ramos.' She said angry and pushed me off her.

'What?' I smirked.

'Fine, wait for me outside.'


Sooooo i'm done!

Oh they married and have 20 children. Lmao no.

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It was really a challenge to write this and I'm glad it turned the way i wanted mhihi.

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