Childhood Friends

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I will not be posting anymore don't play yet notes. I'm gonna expect you guys to know. Ok! On with the with chapter!

Lucy P.O.V

Lisanna wore all black with gold chains completely contrasting her sterling white hair.

"Lisanna is in the house nyah~" she introduced and the crowd cheered.

I then remembered what evil Natsu told me.

'Since you cannot bring that Lisanna girl to me. I will make every time I see you a living hell.'

Well she is here now. I wonder if Natsu still has feelings for her. What if he does? A part of me saddened saying that.

He couldn't possibly. Right?

(Play video)


Lalalalalalalai Lalalalalalalai

She starts dancing to the music with her mic in hand.

yarya are ga yokatta
are yarya kore ga yokatta
toriaezu itsumo nani kashira
fuman ga aru no ne

"deatta koro no kimi o
tama ni ha omoidashi te" tte
waraeru wa datte sore tte
kocchi no serifu

hakeguchi gakari ha
gomen da wa

sou anata ni ha wakara nai
anata ni ha misete nai
hontou no atashi o anata ha shira nai
wakeau ki nante nai
tsutaeru tsumori mo nai
atashi ha atashi dake no mono na no

Lalalalalalalai Lalalalalalalai

atarimae ga fue te tte
motome sugiru you ni natte
egurare ta kono shinzou
mou modora nai

chikadukisugi ta wa
sayonara ne

mou henka nante osore nai
shinka ni hitsuyou ja nai
shitsu kusu no o obie tari nanka shi nai
damatte nanka nai
o ningyou san ja nai
atashi ha atashi no tame ni sakebu wa

Lalalalalalalai Lalalalalalalai

Lisanna then bowed and blew a huge kiss to the audience. A lot of the men swooning over her tight one piece.

She waved her hand and went off stage. Natsu grabbed my hand and started walking around the back.

"We should totally drop by." Natsu suggested and I nodded a little unsure.

Gray P.O.V

"Juvia. I realized that you are the reason that I should change. I don't want you to give me your forgiveness. But I want you to remember that you are the one that made me a better person." I explained to her. Juvia smiled lightly.

I never realized how pretty her eyes are. Dammit Gray! Keep your cool!

"Juvia forgives you. Even though you don't want it. Juvia is not one to hold a grudge." She cupped her hands on her cheeks and shook her head.

That's a lie!

She intwined her arm in mine and we started walking.

"Hey little lady and boyfriend! Would you like to try our new couple's challenge!" A petite man asked us.

"Oh no we are not-"

"Don't be shy! We only need one more group!" Two people came behind us and started pushing us on to a small stage.

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