"I'm afraid I assumed the same thing. I was wrong." Charles said. Angela knew that if he was like Jake he didn't admit to being wrong very often.

"So far this conversation has been all about me." Angela said taking a bite of her omelet. "Care if I turn it to you?" She could see the uncertainty in his eyes. She knew he was thinking about refusing.. Maybe he even wanted to dash away. She smiled.

"Come on now Charles. You're supposed to be a brave warrior. Surely you're not afraid of a few questions from a weak mortal born woman." Charles felt the smile pulling on his lips.  Two smiles in one day. All because of Jakes two special women.

"You are not weak but I am not afraid of anything. Ask away." he said.

"I don't think you're a bad man." she said. "I am not sure why you acted the way you did five years ago but I'm sure it had something to do with spending twenty one years in a cage. I'm not sure why you have acted the way you have with your family for centuries and I'm not going to ask you what your reasons are. I'm sure that you have them and that to you they seem valid. What I will ask you is are you here to stay or are you going to walk out on all of them again?" Charles was taken aback by her question. He didn't know how to answer because he wasn't sure what the answer was.

"I'm not sure." he said. She sat her fork down.

"Well that's just not good enough." she said. "Rebecca needs you. I don't think that you are the cold, indifferent man that you've been acting like all these years. I see a difference in your eyes and your face when you look at your family. You want to love them." Charles rubbed his hand over his bearded face and the look he gave her reminded her so much of Jake she nearly laughed.

"You're stubborn aren't you?" he asked her. She nodded.


"I'm not going to tell you what happened to make me this way. Lets just say I came to the conclusion a long time ago that love makes people weak. I never wanted to see my Rebecca that weak so I did everything I could to make sure she didn't love me anymore."

"I don't believe you. I don't believe that you were only worried about Rebecca. You were worried about yourself. You shut your heart down to your family in order to save yourself the pain if something happened to them."

"Strong, stubborn and wise. I see why my oldest son loves you. You are a lot like him." Angela smiled proudly.

"I will take that as a compliment. Thank you."

"You should take it as a compliment. I meant it as one."

"I hope that you decide to stay. My daughter likes you, Rebecca loves you and your children need you."

"I like your daughter. I realize now that I still love Rebecca. But my children don't' need me. They don't want me around." Charles said sadly.

"I can't speak for any of the girls but I know Lane and Jake both inside out. And I know that they need you. Lane wants your approval and your love. Jake just wants you to be a father. He wants to feel like a son."

"Jake, is the one that I am sure without a doubt wants to see me leave. Jake hates me." Charles said. Angela was surprised at the way Charles was opening up to her but she was going to take advantage of it.

"He doesn't hate you, Charles. He just doesn't like what you represent about his past. He is not proud of some of the things that the two of you did together. He is not proud of the man he was for a long time. I think that he looks at you and is reminded of all he's not proud of and he worries that you will try to pull him back into that world and he does not want to go there."

Charles just sat there staring down into his coffee for a long time. He was a monster. He had turned his son into a man that his son was ashamed that he had been. But now Jake had Angela and he had Laney. He seemed to have a good relationship with his mother and siblings. He laughed and he smiled and didn't always seem to be on edge like Charles remembered.

Did Charles want to bring Jake back down to the man he used to be… No definitely not. He liked seeing Jake happy. But what did Charles want from his own life? Was he ready to give up the kill or be killed life he'd been living?

He looked over at Angela who was looking out the window. She didn't know him as anything other than a bad father and mate and yet here she sat and it was almost like she had faith in him. He thought about his Rebecca. She had always had faith in him as well. She had never given up on him until she had forced him from the home five years ago. He thought about her soft body and those blue eyes. He couldn't remember what if felt like to kiss those lips or to run his fingers through those soft auburn waves…. God he was a fool.

Charles had not ever considered a life without hunting. Not when his hunting had been to save mortals and not even as his hunting had turned into more of a cold blooded sport with the bloodlust to kill. So why now was he wondering what it would be like to just stay with his family. To watch Laney grow up into a beautiful woman like her mother? To listen to Jake yelling and cussing every morning because Kaylee was having some sort of tantrum.

To listen to Lane's dumb jokes and wisecracks and allow himself to laugh. To finally tell his daughters how much he truly did love them and how proud he had been the day each of them had been born. Angela could tell that he was lost in thoughts so she just let him think.

She rose from the booth and he looked at her questioningly.

"Where are you going?" he asked. She smiled.

"I promised Rebecca that I would help her get all the Christmas decorations up around the house today. Do you want to come with me?" Charles shook his head.

"I'm going to stay in town for a while. I'll be home later," he said. Angela nodded and walked away. She wondered if he realized he'd just called his families house his home.

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