Charles and Rebecca

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Rebecca felt tremors run down her spine as Charles' rough scarred hands became as soft as velvet as they ran down her sides and her and ample hips.

"I love you, my mate. You are so beautiful." he said his gold eyes flashing as his lips moved to her neck and collarbone. She shivered beneath him.

"I have missed you so." she moaned as she rubbed her hand down his long muscular back and pulled him closer to her. He looked down into her blue eyes and growled low in his throat.

"I'll never leave you again." he said. She felt her heart soar at his words…..

"Mom, I can't find my pink sweater!" Rebecca's eyes shot open and she sat up quickly in bed at the sound of her grand daughter Kaylee's voice coming from down the hallway.

"Honey, I didn't do anything with your sweater. Maybe if you cleaned that room we wouldn't have this problem every morning before school!" Raquel hollered back. Rebecca stood and smoothed out her floral cotton sleeping gown.

She cursed as she tried to force the images of her dream from her mind. It had been five long years since she had last seen her mate. Five long years since he had returned to them after twenty-one years of captivity, only to leave again.

True she had not wanted him to stay. At least not acting the way he was.  In her dreams he was the man that he had been when they had met more than three hundred years before.  Back then he had been different. He had been capable of love and tenderness. Years of hunting rogues and killing had changed her mate.

It had made Charles just as mean and evil as the immortals he had hunted and though Rebecca's love for him had not nor would ever fade she could not let him stay here and spread that poison around their children and grandchildren.

"Grandma!" Kaylee shouted while banging on Rebecca's door. Rebecca pulled on her robe, tied it tight around her waist and opened the door.

"What is it dear?" Rebecca asked her fourteen year old granddaughter.

"Have you seen my pink sweater? Aunt Jordan is pissed because we're going to be late but I can't find it anywhere." she said her voice full of irritation.

"Watch your language, Kaylee! Find something else to wear it's time to go!" Raquel shouted up the stairs from the kitchen.

"Stop eavesdropping mother and you wouldn't hear my bad language." Kaylee shot back.

"Don't talk to your mother that way!" Evan's voice chimed in from downstairs as well. Kaylee rolled her eyes and looked back at her grandma.

"I don't know where it is, dear. Your Aunt Angela was the last one that washed laundry. Maybe she'll know where it is." Kaylee didn't say another word just moved down the long hallway to Angela and Jake's door.

Rebecca watched her knock on it loudly and then jump back with a small yelp when Jake flung the door open and growled sleepily.

"What do you want?" he demanded. Kaylee shifted her feet suddenly not looking so cocky or full of attitude as she had just moments before. Rebecca smiled to herself. Jake was definitely the most intimidating of all her children.

"Uncle Jake, um.. Sorry if I woke you up. I was hoping I could talk to Aunt Angela." Kaylee said her voice suddenly the model of respect and politeness. Jake crossed his arms over his bare muscular chest and looked down at her.

"She's sleeping." he said. Kaylee nodded and was turning to walk away when Angela pushed past Jake and walked out into the hall wearing a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.

"Jake, love, what have I told you about being so protective of me?" she said to her mate gently. He shook his head.

"That girl needs to learn respect. She can't just walk around here demanding what she wants and waking the whole house up over some damn pink sweater! I mean she's got an entire room full of clothes is that one sweater really such a big deal?"

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