"boys come on where going to be late and Seth walk the girls there and then come straight to us don't stop and play around" Sam ordered and Melissa and Matt looked at us funny.

"can I go" Keith asked

"no we have to be serious" I said and he looked disappointed but oh well the girls are probably going to be freaking out anyways.


"is Jake at your house" I asked getting up and walking over to Sam.

"no he already left with everyone else" He said. Wow he left without saying bye to me. Embry stayed to say bye to Jasmine and they don't even date. I walked outside and started walking to Sam's by myself. It really hurt my feelings that he didn't say bye even though there training anything could happen. Victoria could come earlier , like while there training.

"sese wait up" Seth yelled running up behind me Jasmine jogged over to him.

"what's wrong" he asked

"it just bothered me Jacob didn't say bye , like what if she attacks early while you guy's are training" I said hugging Seth. He really is like my best friend , he can be annoying but I love him.

"she won't Selena everything will be ok and you have to remember he's second in charge he has to be with the pack while Sam gets all you girls together" he whispered petting my trying to calm down my nerves.

"ok keep Bella away from him" I said pulling away and we all walked to Sam's laughing and talking about everything but for what's going on.

"Seth come with me and Kim to get our belly button's pierced" I said as we walked to the door.

"alright I will but I got to got before Sam has a cow bye guys stay inside" Seth said running off into the woods. I sighed and walked in with Jasmine.

"Girls come help" Emily called from the kitchen. We walked in and seen her getting ready to bake a huge chicken.

"why so big" Jasmine asked

"i have to feed all those boy's and they can eat... Cici can you cut some lettuce and Jasmine can you cut up that fruit" Emily asked. I grabbed the lettuce and started cutting it while Jasmine cut up the fruit. Kim stirred a pot , Rachel was making something in the microwave and Claire was coloring in a little red riding hood coloring book , that Quil bought her. We where all matching and we looked really good.

"so what did the guys say about you outfits" I asked wiggling my eyebrows at them. they giggled at me.

"Qwil said I was his wolf Gwirl and I was pwetty" Claire chimed giggling

"Paul laughed and said we where crazy" Rachel laughed

"Jared laughed at it and started trying to talk me out of my belly button piercing" Kim said

"Sam said it fit us perfectly" Emily said

"Embry laughed" Jasmine said. I shook my head , im happy the boys found the shirt funny.

"what did Jake say" Rachel asked making my heart ache.

"i haven't seen him today" I mumbled boiling the water. the stayed silent probably seeing how sad I am I haven't seen him yet.

"im sure he'll love it" Rachel said patting my back I shook my head and started putting ingredient's in the pot.


"this is stupid why do we even have to train" I groaned in my thoughts

"because new born's are a lot more stronger than us" Edward said I lowly growled at him for being in my head. I just want to get this over with.

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