Cuddles in Trade for Safety

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AN: something to keep you busy while i work on the thing. Typical "there's a thunderstorm and im afraid of thunder pls cuddle with me because you make me feel safe ily" au.

Warnings: a hella lot of thunder, cuteness

Relationship status: together


Dan woke up to the loud noises outside. He recognized the sounds and pulled up his duvet. He curled up into a ball and checked the time on his phone. 3 am. Dan sighed, putting his phone on the bedside table and bringing the duvet up. He was about to fall asleep when, out of the blue, came a very loud thunder, causing Dan to yelp.

Phil awoke, hearing a scream from the other room. Phil immedeatly got out of bed to check on Dan, because god what could he be doing. "Dan?" Phil asked while opening his door. He had gotten a whimper in response. "Dan, are you okay?" Phil asked again, while sitting down beside Dan on his bed. "N-no." He whimpered. "Th-thunder." He continued. The thunder rumbled; Dan buried himself in his duvet. Phil carefully slid himself under his duvet and hugged Dan from behind.

Dan turned around and dug his head into Phil's chest. His arms were in between the both of them, and Phil pulled him even closer. The thunder got even worse, and Dan whimpered. "Dan, baby." Phil started. "It's okay. I'm here. You won't be hurt. I promise." He stroked Dan's hair with one hand, the other still on his waist. "T-thank you Phil." Dan responded, balling his fists and drifting off to sleep. Phil kissed his forehead and drifted off as well.

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