Chapter 2

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I ran out of school heading towards the house to pack and leave I had finally made my decision to become rouge.

Even if it makes me sound weak I couldn't handle it anymore I'd rather kill myself than watch my mate be with someone else or be abused.

I felt broken my last hope of someone really loving me and when I thought this I couldn't help but let my tears flow and that's when everything finally dawned on me my parents, I never noticed till now I was just hoping it was some sick joke and they'd come through the door any second with open arms.

There dead. Love is a lie. Everything I've ever hoped for was destroyed!

I felt like killing myself but there not worth it I don't ever want to feel this way!

That's why I'm going to lock everything up every feeling will be dead besides anger that is what I'll live off I got the right!

I scribbled down a note and left with no hesitation and I've got to say this was probably the worst yet best birthday ever worst because of everything that has happened yet best because this marks my first day of freedom.

I jumped out the window and left running as far as I could get since today was my sixteenth birthday I knew I would be able to shift later on tonight.


Once school was out I headed home and couldn't help think about my sister and couldn't help but think of such an ass I've been but every thought of this would always bring me back to that day.

The day I lost my parents and then I just get angry again I just couldn't bring myself to act happy I was always jealous of her she took my spot light pretty selfish I know, but the way they looked at her I never saw towards me.

Even when she was so little and followed me around or would get our parents to buy me things I wanted but never had the guts to say.

She would even make my favorite food on my birthday or buy me a gift and place it on my bed so know one would know,but I was still mean.

When I parked my car and opened the door I yelled" Mary get your ass down here now!" I flinched at how hard my voice.

Then realized she didn't answer me. Where could she be it's not like she could have gone anywhere.

"Mary! I said get down here!"I yelled

But still no answer I ran to her room and looked around she wasn't in here. I looked down on the pile of blankets we let her sleep on and cringed at how we let her live.

Not once did she ever complain she just sat there and took everything we did to her with out protest.

Then I noticed the paper left on the blanket and picked it up and read it couldn't help, but realize I had gone to far as read the note.

Dear Assholes,

I've decided to become rouge I don't need to take your shit anymore the only reason I stayed was for my brother and in hopes of finding my mate.

Well guess what my mate rejected me and my own brother doesn't love me so why should I listen to your bull crap!

By the time you have found this I should be gone and I already know you really don't care I just thought I could give you my farewell and thank you for all the happy years. Not!




Thanks for remembering my sixteenth birthday :D

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