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"All In " Sneak Peek (Note, this is unedited)

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Sometimes it takes something tragic to happen to make you see life isn't exactly what you think it is. Sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise.

Chapter One

Five weeks ago...

"Hun? You ready?" I ask slipping my earring on and knocking on the bathroom door. "We have to leave in ten minutes." The mirror on the door causes me to step back and examine myself. I look stressed, my normally light grey eyes look darker than usual and there are small worry lines between them. Running my fingers through my long hair I try to fluff it up to add some body. A buzzing noise has me whirling around to find Chad's suit jacket pocket lit up. I pull the phone free heading back to the bathroom door where the shower is still running. "Chad," I glance down at the ID wondering why it's a number, "three is calling... You want me to answer it? Chad?" Since he doesn't reply I think about answering it, but don't in case it's a client.

Returning to the closet I grab my sweater and shoes, and am ready to go. I plunk down on the side of the bed and take a deep breath. I'm so nervous, it's a hard fight to keep the butterflies at bay.

"Ready?" Chad finally asks like he isn't making me wait.

"Three called you," I say grabbing my purse, "who's three?"

Chad waves me towards the door, "It's Frank," he mutters.

"Why do you number them anyway?"

He sighs like I'm asking too many questions; Chad hates to be questioned. "I've told you before, you know I work closely with James," it urks me that he sounds like he is explaining to a child "we're always competing, so I change my possible clients to numbers. That way if he sees my phone he won't know who is calling." He grins, "We're 5-3." I roll my eyes when he's not looking; he's so damn competitive. Remembering the time we were playing a family football game, and I had the chance to go in for a touchdown, he stole the ball from me and took the glory for himself...he was on my team!

The doctor sits across from us waiting patiently as Chad finishes up a phone call with his best friend Ty. I glance at the doctor giving him a small smile. I'm beyond embarrassed since Chad is making us wait while he fills Ty in about a Vegas weekend he had with a client. This is a huge moment in both of our lives and frankly I'm about a breath away from vomiting I'm so damn scared. His behavior really isn't helping.

"Alright doc," Chad tucks his phone away grinning, "what's the verdict?"

The Doctor looks unimpressed and opens the file in front of her, "Well, I have some bad news," she looks over at me and starts talking but none of it is making sense I can only imagine my face. The doctor suddenly stops, taking in that I'm not following her, "Arizona your body is not able to actually get pregnant." The sentence echoes as Chad leans forward.

"What about me? Are my, you know, are they working?"

I'm staring blankly at the wall over the doctor's shoulder trying to digest her words. I can't get pregnant.

"Yes Mr. Young, everything is alright in your department," I don't miss her tone even though I'm a million miles away. "Arizona," she makes me look at her, "it seems you have severe endometriosis."

My small sob breaks the silence in the room. I knew this was a possibility due to the fact that we've been trying to get pregnant for two years. I finally went ahead with the scope banking on a miracle. "So-so there's nothing we can do?" I glance over at Chad who is trying to hide his relief that he still works fine.

"I'm sorry no, you have an extreme case. You could try surgery, but in all honestly I think it would be a waste of time as not only your ovaries are involved but the tubes and pelvic wall as well." She pulls out some pamphlets "But, that doesn't mean you still don't have options. Have you ever considered adoption?"

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