Chapter 12 (Phils p.o.v.)

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Trigger warning:
Blood is mentioned
I held on to Dans hand tightly as I had to go back up to heaven to tell God what my answer was. Sadly I couldn't take Dan with me like I planned. One of Gods security came down to get me. Apparently my time was up. I looked at Dan with loving eyes and smiled. "I'll be right back babe. Don't worry. Just stay here." Dan smiled back. "Make sure Phil." Dan said as he let go if my hands. The security angel took my arm and flew us out of Dans window. I watched Dan until he vanished. I saw Dan do the same with me. Before I knew it I was standing in front of God. I bowed. "What was Dans answer Phil?" God said to me curiously. I looked up and smiled. "Dan said he wants to be with me. So i'm going to stay with him." God nods and gets off his chair. "Come with me to the other room. We will get rid of your wings for you." Phil nodded and followed him into the other room. God pointed to a chair. "Sit down right there." Phil sat down in the chair. He looked at the machine next to him and got really scared. But he knew there was no other way to be with Dan. Phil watched nervously as he saw the machine grab the parts of his wings being attached to his back. Phil began to panic. The pain shot through his body as his wings were being ripped off of him. He saw the blood fall to the ground like running water. Phil was in so much pain. The wings were finally off of him. "Stand up Phil." God said as he was holding something. Phil slowly stood up. It was difficult to stand with all that blood loss and pain. "Take this feather. It was a part if your wings. Remember how you were an angel." Phil nodded and took the feather. He smiled as he was looking at it. Before he knew it he was back in Dans room. The pain even went away. I looked around a bit confused on how I got here. "Phil?" I looked at Dan and smiled wide as I hugged him tightly. Dan let go of me and saw the beautiful white feather I was carrying. I smiled and showed him it. "It was a part of my wings. To remember by. When I was an angel." Dan smiles and kisses my lips softly. I kissed him softly back. "It's beautiful Phil." Dan took the feather and framed it hanging it on the wall. Phil started to cry out of happiness. Dan gently rubbed the parts of Phils back where his wings used to be attached. "You are perfect Phil." Phil wiped his eyes. "You are too Dan and I love you." Dan kissed Phils cheek and looked at him right in the eyes. "I love you too my angel."

Sorry it took soooo long to upload this last chapter. Hope you liked it! More stories from me are coming soon. ^-^

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