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Isabella pov

'Before you two go, you are not going to remember all of this.' The voice returned . I frowned my eyebrows.

'What do you mean?' Sergio asked.

'We're going to remove your memories for what happened the 24 hours and than you can go.'

'Ok, can you do this quick then?'

Sergio looked at me shocked. 'Are you serious, you want to forget everything?'

'They said than we can go, there's no other option. I don't want it either but I just want to go home.' I mumbled.

'You didn't even asked for another option.' He said while throwing his hands with anger in the air.

'You also want to go home right?'

'Does these 24 hours mean nothing to you?' His voice cracked.

'Ofcours, but maybe we will meet again?'

He shook his head in disbelieve, i understand his point but I just want to leave as soon a possible. Sadly it's the option that they will erase our memories. How they will do it is the question but that will be answered very soon because everything what happened these past hours looked like science fiction but real.

'That was the seven test, congratulations you two past them all.' The voice said.

'What?' Me and Sergio said at the same time.

'This 24 hours test was also about building a friendship and even more. 24 hours with another sex in a room, trusting each other. What we saw with the two of you, was pure love and friendship.'

Sergio looked at me and looked away. 'It wasn't pure love, she wanted to erase her memory and she didn't even ask if there was another option.' He said.

'I didn't mean to hurt you Ramos, i really didn't. But I'm done with this place. And i know that we will meet again because you and Alvaro play at the same national team and..'

'When can we leave?' He interrupted me.

My stomach made a weird twist and i just wanted to throw up. I feel so stupid and ridiculous and so much more. Now i know that i hurted him and see that he actually.. Loved me?

'Do you love me Ramos.' I almost whispered.

He ignored me.

'You just know me for 24 hours.' I added.

'24 hours? It only needed a few seconds.'

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