Part-2 The House

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We were on our way to the house that paa had booked a week before for the picnic. All where exited and where jumping in joy!. The whole family got down from the cars, parked in the parking area! I got down from the car and started admiring the surroundings outside the house. It was really beautiful lots of trees, flowers blooming and the birds sitting on the trees where chirping, it was just mesmerizing a beautiful scene that every person must see. I went pass the scene, to the portico of the house, I opened the main gate of the house, the gate made a creaking sound and the infrastructure was like a vintage types infrastructure .The house was isolated and had a pindrop silence. I felt a sense of someone watching me me me,a very strong sense, a chill was running under my spine, goose bumps started poping on my body, i didn't know why? I sensed that something is wrong in this house. Meanwhile all my family members entered the house, and now the isolated and a pindrop silent house turned into a noisy place. But still I felt something is really wrong in the house.

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